Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Currently

So I seem to be incapable of keeping any kind of blog schedule. I had planned on posting math Monday yesterday but didn't get all my things together. Then I thought I'd post it today and do my currently yesterday. But I was gone from my house from 6:30 Am until almost 10 pm. I took care of my niece yesterday and then I ran home for a minute to meet Chris and we went to his sister's for dinner. We got a lot of niece time yesterday. It was great! So there is a slight possibility I'll post twice today if I get my stuff together. I'm hoping to get some creating done today. I have lots of ideas swimming around in my head. I need to go by school today. I haven't been since school was out. But I need to get stuff for tutoring. I'm starting some tutoring this week. I still need to contact the rest of the parents that expressed interest when school was out. We'll see how it goes. It might be kind of fun to try out some of my ideas on my students. I'm only tutoring students I had in my class last year and I'll have in class again next year. I'm getting so excited about my new super hero theme. Yesterday Sophie and I did a little shopping. We went to the Social Security office so I could officially change my name. I'm in the process of becoming Kerri Buckner. Then we went to Target and JoAnn's. Target had a bunch of fun stuff in the dollar section. I found a cardboard S and some stickers so Sophie and I made decorating that our project yesterday. Here are the things I found for school:

 I have been wanting some of the small dustpans and brooms to make cleaning up small paper messes. Then I found these wipe off word card strips. I got enough for all my kids to have one and then some dice and cards. I needed a planner for the year so Sophie helped me pick one out. Here's a pic of her trying to help me pick. She is so much like me it is not even funny. She would say Sophie's book, KK's book, Sophie's book. It was hard to get her to let me put the ones we weren't getting back.
One last picture before I share my currently. This is Chris and Kaley. They were so stinking cute together.
I have lots of books that I love to read to my class. But this past year, we fell in love with Pete the Cat. My kids loved it and I got a copy for Sophie. She asks to read Pete Cat over and over. I read it twice to her yesterday and then she read it to me. She gets to the last page and says "all good." It's pretty funny. I had a hard time choosing my go to resource. I have several books that I like to go to but I love anything by Fountas and Pinell. Anyway, be sure to check out this party. It's lots of fun and I love Farley's new rule of three. I'm off to link up and then follow the rules. Then I need to get busy today.


  1. Congrats on getting married!! And I love CSI Miami! I watch it every chance I get... so sad that it's been cancelled.

    Heather (heathernnance@yahoo.com)

  2. Pete the Cat is one of my favorite read alouds too!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. I am not quite sure whether the IKEA in Alanta, GA or Charlotte, NC is the closest to us. I think they are about the same. I do wish we had one closer!
    Mrs. Shelton’s Kindergarten