Monday, July 9, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 4

I debated about whether to post on this chapter or not. I read the chapter and then I've read a ton of posts about the book. I wasn't sure I had anything new to add and I'm still not sure I do. But I'm going to try. Read to Self is the only part of Daily 5 I've implemented and had work with my students last year. I loved it. My kids loved it. I can't wait to start this next year with my same kids when they are in first grade. This is the good part of looping. I know most of my kids already and know what to expect of them. We spent a little time on how to read a book last year but this year I plan to do the lessons the Sisters suggest about how to read a book. I hope to do this lesson on day one and start practicing on day 1. I've got to be careful to not rush into anything and not give my kids the time to retrain and to learn from the modeling. I don't think that I tried multiple times in a day to practice read to self and I think I'll do that for sure next year.
I loved read to self. I did this and literacy centers last year. I've been trying to decide what I wanted to do next year. I love the idea of Daily 5 but I'm not sure I can give up the control. I've been going round and round with myself. The truth of the matter is I hate trying to come up with centers every week. It's hard for me to get my act together. I've been trying to figure out where my technology centers that I've worked on come into play too. I guess that I can use them as listen to reading or word work choices. This choice business is hard for me. I want to give my kids choice but I want them to be accountable for their choices too.
So who has some solutions for me? Does anyone use the checklists I see all over pinterest for keeping up with daily 5? Then I think of using a clip chart kind of system for the different parts of Daily 5. I think I've seen these on Mel from Seusstasic Classroom Inspiration who does this. I'm linking up with Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies. Be sure to check out everyone else's thoughts on Daily 5.

First Grade Blue Skies
 My head is spinning with all the things I'm trying to figure out. I'm starting to feel that crunch of having lots of things I want to do before school starts back. It seems like after July 4th I start to feel it. I haven't been back in my classroom since the last day of school. I'm thinking of going tomorrow. I have a bunch of stuff I need to take to my classroom. Things I found when cleaning out and then the new purchases I might have made a t Walmart and Hobby lobby today. I even had my first back to school dream last night. I dreamed about having to explain to my kids they couldn't just leave the room whenever they wanted to. Then Chris woke me up by getting out of bed and I about told him that he couldn't get up without asking permission. Then I woke up fully and realized I had been dreaming.
I guess I have rambled about not much of anything long enough. I hope to link up with 4th Grade Frolics for Made it Monday tomorrow. I'm not quite finished with my projects plus the trip to Hobby Lobby might have added a couple of new projects. So be sure to check back with me. Plus I'm only like 20 followers away from 400 and my 1 year blogiversary is coming up. Hopefully I can get a big giveaway together.


  1. Hello! I've seen this book several times now; looks like I need to read it!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and giving me encouragement on my failed giveaway!! I appreciate it.

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  2. I was struggling with the same issue, freedom and choice. I had read the get out of the way section of the book during the day that same night a movie came on that put it all in perspective for me. I watched Dolphin’s Tale. I cried my eyes out! The movie plus the book made me realize, children are capable of doing amazing things when given the chance and freedom to do so. Yea, they can’t all save a wounded sea creature from death, but they can amazingly solve their own predicaments found along their unique path. I plan on getting a dolphin charm for my bracelet just to remind myself not to be the mother hen I tend to be with my students especially now I will be coming from kinder to a 3rd grade classroom. I hope you find my comment helpful, if not that is ok too. I did enjoy/appreciate the honesty and clarity of your review on this chapter.


  3. I have many of the same concerns. At this point (unless I change my mind and totally jump in:) I am going to use the center rotation that is used in Made for First Grade. It has 8 rotating centers and reall cute graphics. I am thinking that allows me to use the 5 from Daily 5,two computer (one word work and one reading) and one additional center for all the skill centers I have bought for practice. Hope this helps. I would love to know what you think!

    The Resourceful Apple