Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Supportive Bloggers

Little Miss Kindergarten is hosting a really cool linky party about recognizing supportive bloggers. I have said over and over how much I've gained since I've started blogging. Part of what I've gained is becoming part of this incredibly supportive community. I've always thought the best teachers are those who share with other teachers. Some of my experiences since teaching have involved more teachers in competition rather than encouraging and supporting each other. I think the new evaluation system that has been put in place by Tennessee only encourages more competition. I've had a teacher come up to me and shake her chest in my face and tell me what she got on her evaluation. Not only was that completely unprofessional, it was unnecessary. It didn't help that she's someone I have to work with and I don't think she works well with others. I started a prayer group this fall to try to encourage positivity and a system of support at school. Blogging has really helped me stay upbeat and positive this year.
I love this linky party and I have to participate. It's hard to just choose just one or even two. But I've narrowed it down.
Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade has been super helpful to me. She offered to answer any questions I had about starting a Teacher's Notebook store.

Laura at Kinder Kraziness. She has a Someone New Sunday feature every week and featured me. She's a fellow Tennessean and is super helpful with any questions I have. She also leaves great comments.

The third blogger that has been so encouraging is Pam from Can do Kinders. She was one of my first followers and she leaves me encouraging comments all the time. She also offers great freebies on her blog.

Can Do Kinders  

If you haven't checked these three bloggers out, you should. They have great blogs and their very encouraging. Thanks Little Miss Kindergarten for hosting this party. Great idea!
 Check out other bloggers support system here.


  1. Kerri,
    I agree the new system has us all fighting to be the highest score. Also in my experience when someone has a lower score it is never their fault. The person evaluating wasn't evaluating fairly. This was supposed to make us accountable instead it has turned teacher against teacher and teacher against administrator. Blogging has really helped to relieve the stress from all of this.

  2. Thanks Kerri! And yes, the new eval system is REE-DIC-UUU-LOUS!!! Instead of using it to weed out the "bad" teachers. They are going to be getting rid of some good ones who don't want to deal with all of this non-sense! I'm lucky to be somewhere where our evaluators are fair, but I'm already hearing stories from a neighboring system that just aren't right. Keep your head up...I see changes on the horizon and hopefully they are for the better!

    Kinder Kraziness

  3. I am glad you joined the linky party!

  4. Kerrie, love you! Thank you for your sweet comments. I think it is great that you started a prayer group. At our school a group of us meet every Monday morning before school. It has been the greatest thing for all of us! It helps us put everything into perspective of who is really in charge.:) We also have a Bible study in the summer and teachers from other schools join us. So awesome.. It is really sad that a lot of teachers have forgotten that we are about children and their academic and social success.
    I am truly blessed to be in a school where we support each other and love our children. We are in a school where 75% of the children live in poverty. Theses babies need to know a place of love and safety! I wish you taught at my school. Wow! We would have so much fun.
    Keep on doing all the fantastic things you do.... prayers coming your way!

  5. Kerri- thanks girl! Always happy to help! And as for that nasty teacher who was in our face--it's likely she's jealous. XO

    Rowdy in First Grade

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway...GOOD LUCK :)


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