Sunday, March 30, 2014

Technology Tuesday

I love using technology in my classroom and have wanted to blog about it for a while. But sitting down and making me do it is another story. So I'm going to try to blog about it on Tuesdays. Mainly because there is already a linky about Technology on Tuesdays and because I really like alliteration.
Recently we've been able to get youtube videos in the classroom if you don't go directly to the site. If I email them to myself they seem to work better.
So here a few videos we've been enjoying lately in my room. They aren't anything earth shattering.
One of my teammates found these videos on YouTube for each letter and my kids have enjoyed them. This one we watched this week.

My kids are obsessed with this video. We're a little late to the What does the Fox Say craze and this one makes a good brain break.

We enjoy this brain break as well. During the Olympics I enjoyed getting on NBC website and showing the kids the different events and talking about them. I love using videos in the classroom. A short clip can help get them interested in a topic and supplement your activities.

Over Christmas break, my donor's choose project of an ipad was funded and fulfilled. I've been enjoying using it with my students and allowing them to get on there and play games.
One of my favorite apps to use with my kids is Abc - magnetic letters. Check the link out here. I bought the version for $1.99 and have it on both my classroom ipad and my personal ipad. I like the paid version because there are lowercase letters and I don't want my kids to only use uppercase letters. We have been using this app with my small groups and tutoring.
Here are some activities:

  • building words with the magnetic letters
  • making sight words
  • Scrambling sight words. I put all the letters they need for a word on the board and then they put it in order
I thought I had some pictures of the kids using this app but it appears I've deleted them. In this version there are also pictures kids can use. These would be perfect for story problems and practicing addition and subtraction.
We also use the Doodle Buddy app a lot for small group work. Here is a picture from tutoring of the kids writing their sight words. It isn't anything earth shattering but it is a different and a little more engaging way to practice our sight words.

I'm always trying to think of new ways to use technology in the classroom. What new apps or videos have you used recently? I would love to hear from you. I'm linking up with the Technology Tailgate for their weekly party
Technology Tailgate

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