Monday, March 24, 2014

Reading Plans for the week and my new love.

So I'm so excited. I am blogging from my brand new computer. Yesterday Chris took me to the Apple Store and we brought home a 27 inch iMac. I'm in love with it already. We traded our mouse in for a track pad and I love all the things I can do with it. Although I don't always remember how to do what I want to do with it. As soon as we got home, Chris got it set up for me. I've been playing on it ever since. Well, other than that pesky thing called work. There was part of me that really wanted to just stay home and play on the computer today. I figured out how to load my fonts, installed my clipart and have been playing around with iPhoto. If I can figure out how to get all my photo stream photos I'll be good to go. I was using a tiny dell netbook for the past 7 years or so. This is what I was using (or basically)
This is what I have now.
It is pretty amazing. I pulled up pinterest yesterday and I was a little overwhelmed by how many pictures were there. I will probably use my iPad for pinterest. It is a little more manageable. 
So here I am finally on my computer ready to do something. Hopefully this will inspire me to get creating some new things and to get to blogging more often. 

I tried out Keynote using my Visual Plans powerpoint file. It took a little work to figure out somethings like hyperlinking and then exporting to an image. But I think I'm going to like Keynote as well as powerpoint. Or at least well enough so I don't have to buy Microsoft Office right now. So here's what we are up do in reading this week. 

I'm not uploading this file to google docs right now because I plan on adding our centers to the week but I haven't gotten them all together. I'm on a weird rotation of centers. We have 12 centers so it takes about 12 days to get through them. We've had a couple of weird weeks thrown in there so we'll be changing out centers in the next day or two.
You can find the story maps and sequencing maps we're going to use in my Monster Mapping Unit on TPT.
This has taken me way longer to write than I thought it would. It could be because Chris got home and started playing with the computer while I finished up dinner. Then we ate dinner and then I had to figure out downloading pictures and inserting hyperlinks. So that's a taste of what we plan on doing this week. Hopefully, I'll remember to take a few pictures and I'll be back later this week with our centers.
If you use a mac and you have any great tips to share, they would be much appreciated.

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