Saturday, March 22, 2014

Five for Saturday

 Maybe one day I'll blog throughout the week. But right now Five for Friday is a good way to recap my week. We did some fun things with sight words and place value this week.  I am writing this post as my niece takes her nap. Chris and I are keeping Soph today. We've already been to the store, a lacrosse game and the playground. So now it is nap time for her and blog time for me.

1. I've worked though our math book on all the topics that are common core related. But there are some major gaps and topics we need further work in. We use plan book edu for our lesson plans and I could look at all the standards and how many times I have taught that. The place value and numbers 11-20 is one standard that needed a lot of work. So this week we got out the base ten blocks and explored with those. The first day we used some ten frame cards with a St. Patrick,s theme and just practiced writing the numbers. The next day was all about exploring and talking about what they represent. Day 3 I made numbers on the Elmo and they helped me count them. Then they practiced making numbers with the blocks.  I would write a number on the board and they would make it. I introduced the idea if teen numbers being written as 10 + the ones.Thursday I made a number on the Elmo and they wrote the number on their white boards. Friday they made numbers and a partner wrote the number. Then they completed a sheet for assessment on matching base 10 blocks to the number. It came from Teacher Laura. Ladybug Place Value

2. I have been off of social media for about 2 weeks. I really thought I was going to have a hard time with no Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest but it has been doable. I am going back to Pinterest tomorrow. But since I haven't been attached to my iPad or phone the past few weeks I've been working on a new blanket. I love the colors.

3. Sight words have been a huge focus for me this year. With journeys my kids have 6 words a week for the second half of the school year. That has been a lot for them to learn. So I am always trying to think of something fun for us to do. We usually play tic tac toe once a week.

4. Another way we practiced our words this week was by making a paper chain. I use to love making those as a kid. Before Christmas we made one with our fourth grade buddies to practice sight words. We did the same thing using rainbow colors this week. The fourth grader picked a word off the word wall and wrote on the white board. If the kindergartner could read the word they wrote it on the construction paper. 
This student is using some of the first grade words. He already knows all the kindergarten words. 

5. This picture is from centers. I made roll and graph games for each week in the journey's series. You can find it in my Wild About Words  pack on Teachers Pay Teachers. I love this as a staple center. I change out the words and they always know what to do.

Wild About Words Wild About Words

So that's my five for the week. I hope you got some ideas. We're continuing with place value this week. Be sure to head over to Doodlebugs Teaching and check the party out. 


  1. Hi Kerri! I found your blog through Doodle Bugs Linky- I usually try to look through blogs I have not visited before and find great ideas. I am always on the lookout for math ideas for the littles I work with in math enrichment. They had a hard time this week with fractions! Great to meet you!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. We were using base ten blocks and white boards this week too. Kinders love it! I think we need to play some tic tac toe with our sight words. I am putting that in my lesson plans!

    Terri Izatt