Monday, October 17, 2011

The Very Busy Spider Literacy Bag

I had way too much to do for school this weekend and don't feel like I got any of it done. I just didn't feel like it. The weather was beautiful this weekend and I enjoyed some time with my boyfriend and his family. He's going to be out of town the next two weekends with boy scout stuff and work stuff so I enjoyed it. I can get caught up next weekend. I also chose to spend time doing things that weren't as productive for school. Like stalking blogs and working on my teacher's notebook store. I'm working on a new item I'm super excited about. It's a letter detective packet with clip art from Scrappin Doodles. So I spent time trying to figure out the world of clip art and licensing. I plan to get that finished next weekend when I have some time to myself.
But meanwhile, I did work on my literacy bag for the The Very Busy Spider. Here are the contents of the bag: The book The Very busy Spider, a spider and spider web, a class book and instruction sheet and a spider ring for the child to keep. You can click below to get the pdf for the files I'm using.

 The parent letter and class book page

Here are a few pictures from the pumpkin patch yesterday. There were some really cool pumpkins. I went with my boyfriend, his sister and brother in law and niece. There's a good shot of Chris coming down the slide with his niece.

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