Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Literacy Bags

A month or so ago, I saw a post on The Very Busy Kindergarten about her literacy bags. She was getting ready to start her If you give a Mouse a Cookie literacy bag. I've wanted to do these in the past but wasn't sure how to get started. I used her idea and created my own bag. I had the stuffed animal to go along with If you give a Mouse a Cookie so I put that in, the book, a cookie, and a folder with sheets to make our own book. I found some drawstring backpacks at dollar tree. The one we've been using for If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, is about done now that every student has taken it home. But for a dollar what do you expect. The kids have enjoyed doing this activity. I was surprised that every child has brought it back the next day and with their page complete. I'm sending it home with the last kid today and I would like to start a new one next week. But I don't know what book to use. The only other stuffed animal I have is Pete the Cat and I need another copy of the book before I can start sending it home. Right now I just don't want to part with him. So I'm looking for an idea. And as I typed this, I just got another idea. We read The Very Busy Spider last week and I have a bunch of plastic spiders and webs. So maybe something along those lines. I just need to come up with a page for the class book.
When I posted about literacy bags and my giveaway earlier this week, I was interested in some other books that would lend themselves to activities like this. I see now that  a lot of people don't use literacy bags. This is my first try at it and I don't want it to be to complicated or too expensive. I'm hoping to do them with books and things that I already have. Anyway, maybe we can go on this adventure together. I'm posting the class book page I used and my parent letter as an example. Maybe you can do something similar.

Class book page
Parent Letter


  1. You could send a turkey stuffed animal and the book "Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving." Way cute! I've never done literacy bags. I'd love to try it though. Especially for my kiddos that don't seem too interested in reading!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. ooh! I love it when my name shows up on blog rolls! I am planning to make a blog list myself of K teachers only (a useful tool for my fans and hopefully helpful to you as well!). Thanks a bunch for adding me...I am now following your blog and will add you to my blog list as soon as I find the time to add it!
    Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business