Saturday, October 15, 2011

Teacher's Notebook Store

I just opened my Teacher's Notebook store and I'm super excited. I posted my first item last night. Hopefully I did everything right. It's a set of 10 sight word readers. They use the sight words I, can, we, the, a, like, go, see, have, to, is, and play. They also have different topics like transportation, animals and healthy habits. I use them in my class and my kids love them. They love that they can read the book themselves. It folds up and is just their size. I was inspired to make these foldable books by Fran at Kindergarten Crayons. We use the Treasures reading series and I think this set covers the first 5 units. The books on only $3.00. I'm excited to start on this venture. I've got to do something to support my habit of buying stuff for my classroom. Anyway, check out my store and hopefully I'll get some more stuff posted. Click here to get to my shop. 

I'll be posting the winner of my first giveaway later today so please check back!

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