Friday, October 14, 2011

Check out what we did for P week!

Before I tell you all about p week, I wanted to remind you to enter my giveaway if you haven't yet. You have until I get up tomorrow morning to enter. I'll do the drawing tomorrow on Click here if you haven't entered the giveaway yet for a chance to win a $10.00 gift card for Dollar Tree.

Today was our pumpkin day. I tried to make everything be all about pumpkins and it worked out pretty well. I used one of Mrs. Wills' October math journals where the kids had to make a pattern out of tall and short pumpkins. We read 5 little pumpkins and illustrated it. Then we read the book Pumpkins by Ken Robbins. I just got my document camera and slate this week and haven't gotten to play with too much. So I was excited to use it today to show the pictures from the book to the kids. This is a great book if you haven't checked it out. The photographs are beautiful. We then made a tree map of pumpkins. I've been so impressed with how well my students are taking to these different thinking maps. Thanks to all my blogging friends who've inspired me to try these out.

Then it was time for some science. I put on my lab coat to let the kids know it was science time. The first question was will a pumpkin float? They put their names under yes or no depending on what they thought. One little boy said no because it's heavy. I was pretty proud of him for coming up with a reason for his answer. The pumpkin didn't float. We then measured it and compared it's weight to the candy pumpkins. They made their predictions and I recorded it on a chart. The last question we answered was how many seeds are in the pumpkin. I started to carve into the top of the pumpkin and my knife wasn't quite sharp enough. Some of my kids were talking about how I was hurting the pumpkin and then one little girl yelled out "Ms. Kerri wouldn't murder anyone." I was glad for her vote of confidence. They each helped me scoop out some of the seeds. We didn't have a chance to count them yet so we'll have to finish that Monday. We did make our pumpkin glyphs that I posted about earlier this week. Again, it was the perfect opportunity to use my document camera. They did a pretty good job with it and I loved having the camera to display my model as I did each part.

I didn't quite get everything done I had wanted to. I still have some fantastic activities from Kreative in Kinder's fall pack to do for math. We can work on those next week. I never seem to have enough time. I also plan to do a whole unit on Pete the Cat that I'm super excited about.
What did you do in your class this week?
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