Friday, October 7, 2011

A peek at my week

I have not keep with my blogging this week. I've been sooooo busy. I had my first evaluation and it went really well but I was still stressed out about it. I'm having some trouble balancing all the things I want to do with my kids. I see so many good ideas out in the blogging world that I want to try and I get a little too gung ho. We just had a lot going on this week. Our unit in reading is about friendship. Our letter is s, so I wanted to do some spider activities. Then we had a field trip on Tuesday about our five senses.
Here's a couple of pictures from our trip:
This is the talking chimeny. The kids get the funniest look on their faces when it talks to them.

One of their finds when using their sense of sight like the owls.

One of the students using his sense of touch to hug a tree.

Three units is kind of hard to pull off. Luckily friendship is a 3 week unit in reading so I can pull a few of the ideas I've been wanting to do. This week we worked on a kind word lesson. I can't find where I saw the original idea. I've looked several times so if you know the source please let me know. I like to give credit. I drew a picture of Fred, the friendly guy. After talking about what friends do together, we talked about what kind of words friends say to each other. I let them say all the negative things and they crinkled up Fred. Then we said kind words and they smoothed him down. We talked about how those unkind words stick around. I hung Fred up by our clip chart. I overheard one of the girls say that every time they go back there they should smooth Fred out a little bit more. It was so cute.
Here's our Fred the friendly guy. Sorry the picture is so dark.
 My big Friday plan was to work on some spider activities. But as it turned out, my day was completely derailed by a health fair.  Which during this health fair, one of my students turned blue because he was having trouble breathing. We finally made it back to the classroom with about 30 minutes of instruction time and we did a few of the spider activities quickly. We did an awesome experiment from Deanna Jump's Simple Science Volume 1. We talked about why spider don't stick to their webs and read Eric Carle's The Busy Spider. We also completed a tree map about spiders. I had plans of us making webs and drawing and labeling a spider. Maybe we'll get to finish up next week.
Here's are tree map of spiders. I thought the kids came up with good ideas for our first one.

After art, we went outside and one of kids fell off  and hurt himself. I dropped him off at the nurse because he's usually pretty capable of making it back to the classroom. It was time for my 12:30 kids to go home and I go to the nurse to get him and he's not there. I see the nurse and she said she had sent him back to the classroom. He never made it and he wasn't in the hallway. I checked the office and he wasn't there either. I was in full panic mode at this point. It turned out he had gone outside the school and was just standing and crying. His mom happened to be picking him up early today so she was there. I'm pretty sure I had years take off my life today. Anyway, that's a peek into my crazy week.
I hope to get some scheduled posts written this weekend with some freebies. So check back later. I'm only 6 followers away from my first giveaway.

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