Monday, September 12, 2011

Morning Meeting Promethean Style

This week I'm going to share some of what I do with my promethean board in my class. I've had some people want to see my flipcharts and I think I've figured out how to share them. 

I love love love my morning meeting and calendar time with the kids. I think I love it so much because I use a flipchart that I'm really proud of. It is a combination of different ideas and trial and error and searching promethean planet for things that work for my kids. I love it because I can adapt to fit whatever my kids need. All I have to do is add another page.
When I first started teaching kindergarten, I wrote my morning message on a small white board and did my calendar time on a bulletin board. I had a good routine with them. I keep my students for two years. I have them in kindergarten and then first grade and by half way through first grade I was tired of my morning message and my kids didn't seem to need it. But by using my board, I don't get bored or tired of it. I love it!
Here's my morning meeting routine:
When they first come in they see a chart that has their routine for the morning. I use pictures of what they are suppose to do and the words. I saw this idea on Mrs. Wills blog and just adapted it to fit my needs (At lease I think that's where I saw it. I can't find it now). The students can see what they need to do. As they are working on their morning work at their table, they answer a question on the board. I started this year with their favorite color. They moved their name underneath a square of their favorite color. I started these graphs to help them recognize their names. The next one they do is if they are boys or girls. This starts to get them used to the yes/no format we use the rest of the year and they can "read" it themselves. Then they have a yes/no question they answer everyday. I use their popcorn words and different themes and concepts we're working on. I also use a lot of graphing and math concepts with this chart.
When morning meeting starts, we start with a Dr. Jean song I've embedded in my chart. Then we go over our rules which I got from The Polka Dot Patch.
Here's a list of the next slides:
  • Morning message (I enjoy playing around with the backgrounds depending on the season and holdiays)
  • Calendar
  • Days of the week (Dr. Jean song embedded)
  • Days we've been in school hundreds chart
  • Months of the year (Dr. Jean song embedded)
  • Weather (Dr. Jean song embedded)
  • Season
  • Temperature
  • Patterns with shapes
  • Number patterns
  • Schedule
 Then there are a variety of pages that I'll add eventually and that I use in first grade. If you download my chart, I put notes in each slide to let you know what I do there. I love doing my morning meeting this way because we practice so many skills in math and in reading and writing. I try to include questions in my morning message and my question of the day that review our science and social studies themes.
If I could figure out how to show an image of it I would. Hopefully soon I can figure that one out.
Here's my flipchart for download in google docs. It took a long time to upload, so let me know if you were successful in downloading it.


  1. Dear Kari,
    I was wondering if you could send me your morning meeting flip chart to my home email. Our school won't allow it to open for downloading. I would really appreciate it, as it sounds awesome and I am just going into Kindergarten after 16 years of other grades.
    Thanks and have a super summer!

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  3. I love reading about other K teachers who love using their Promethean Board. We were the last ones to get them in my school because others just didn't understand how we would use them in K. I'm a total tech nerd and I use my board all day!!! After my kids unpack their book bags in the morning, they head over to the PB to make their lunch choice and to get their morning work (which I keep on my chair beside the PB). Your calendar time/ morning message sounds almost identical to mine. I love creating new flip charts and using technology in my room! I'm now following your blog! Thanks for visiting me at Lanier's Lions and leaving me such a sweet comment.


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    Am provider of Promethean boards and content in Norway and would love to see what you are doing!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

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  8. What a great idea! Could you email it to me at :)

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