Thursday, February 23, 2012

Praise Challenge Day 3

So far this challenge is going great. I've really been thinking about ways to praise God and trying to stay positive and joyful. I'm so thankful that I'm able to share this with other bloggers. It makes me so happy that I have an outlet for all my thoughts about everything. Today I'm really praising God for the blogging community. I really feel like being a part of this community is part of God working in my life. I really needed some support and rejuvenation in my teaching this year. Blogging has been the answer to that. I had someone leave a comment yesterday about praising God everyday through Lent. Her son and her were going to do this and she asked me to join her. I love it. I had just been thinking yesterday about Lent. I don't like to give things up that seem pointless or have no impact on my spirituality. So I try to add something to my walk with God. As I've been thinking about praising God everyday during the season of Lent, I thought of starting a praise journal. That's a project I'm going to work on and hopefully have some things to share this weekend with you.
I had intended on today's post to be about ways to praise God and especially through music. But I read a post from 3AM teacher today that changed my thinking. She shares a really personal struggle that has been in her life. It just made me think how thankful I am to have this community. I praise God that he's giving us ways to come together even when we are no where near each other. We have the opportunity to find healing and growth through blogging.
What are you praising God for today?


  1. I join you in praising God. I'm just so glad that my Lifeguard walks on water!! No matter what the storm may hold, HE holds me!


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  2. I just finished reading her post and then saw yours. I am so thankful for my family. I know I've not always been the best daughter and have made mistakes along the way, but I know I am loved and I love and respect my parents even more now than I did as a teen/young adult. It can't be easy but having God in your life sure helps.

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