Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Praise Challenge Day 2

Yesterday I presented my challenge of praising God each day. I loved reading the comments from others about what they were praising God about. So keep the comments coming. I think on Friday I'll have a linky party so you can post on your own blog about the challenge. You're more than welcome to use any of the pictures that i created with the Bible verses and the challenges on it. The graphics are from Graphics From the Pond.
Here's today's verse:
If you haven't checked out Tamera from Teaching with TLC and Annie from The Moffet Girls, 7 week study to transform your teaching., you need to. Check out the newest post here. They are looking at the fruits of the spirit and how it relates to parenting and teaching. This week it was about Joy and how this is something that comes from God not our circumstances. I felt like that fit in perfectly with what I was thinking with this praise challenge. We are facing a lot of challenges in education, but I strongly believe this is what God created me to do. So I need to remember that so I can remember to have joy and to praise him through all the challenges.
So keep the praises coming this week.
Today my praise has to do with my wonderful fiance Chris. I've blogged about him a lot but I feel so blessed that God brought us together. He's truly God's choice for me. My mom and dad were both praying that I would find the right person since I moved back home 5 years ago. They both feel like God brought Chris into my life. I praise God everyday for bringing us together. We try to keep our relationship Christ centered. He's my number one fan. He encourages me in blogging, teaching, creating materials. He listens to me talk about things he doesn't know anything about and goes with me to find the materials I need for some idea I saw on a blog or pinterest. Last night, he and my dad were being sneaky and it turns out they were working on honeymoon plans. But I was a little annoyed with him because they didn't tell me what they were doing. I went home and was in bed reading, when he brought me some flowers before he went to his house. It was so sweet. He even put them in some water for me. I should've taken a picture this morning because he creatively used the juice container he had emptied the night before. But here's a picture of them in a vase.

What's your praise today? Leave me a comment and keep praising the Lord for all the good he gives us.


  1. I praise God that I was created to worship Him. It's part of my DNA. I was born to give him glory.


  2. I love the idea of a praise a day. My son and I have decided to continue the "praise a day" through the lent season. Instead of giving something up we have decided to add this to our day instead. Would you like to join us?!

  3. Kathy I love the idea of adding this to your day for Lent. I would love to join you guys. I was thinkng today that I wanted to add something for lent. Thanks for sharing that great idea.

  4. I LOVE this!
    I praise God that He redeems me. I praise God that He loves me unconditionally. I praise God for a family that loves me like He loves. And I could go on... :)

    I recently started a blog ( I put up a graphic with a verse that I make every day! Feel free to check it out and share it!

    Thanks for doing this!