Sunday, February 26, 2012

New items and updates

I hate to promote myself. I'm was definitely not born to be a business woman. But I'm trying my hand at selling some packets on Teacher's Notebook and now on TPT. I'm trying to earn a little extra money. Right now I'm just using the money to fund my desire to buy units on TPT and Teacher's notebook. It would be nice if I could supplement my income during the summer. Since I'm going to be a newlywed this summer it would be nice to be able to contribute to our new family. So that being said, I have a new item up in my TN store and my TPT store. It's called Monster Mapping. The packet contains 8 different thinking maps to use with books or stories read. I've been using them in my class the past few weeks and my students are doing well with them. They like the monster graphics which is kind of funny. I think they think that I draw the clip art that I use for their different worksheets and activities. I tell them that I don't but they keep complimenting it. We've been working on filling buckets so they are full of random compliments like "I like your glasses Ms. Kerri." or "I like your hair." Now those are becoming, "I like your monster."
Anyway, I have a sample from my packet for free.
 You can get all the thinking maps at either my Teacher's Notebook Store or my TPT store.  While you're there you might want to check out my Word Work Tools games. I updated it to include some short e and short i words. This is one of my kids favorite games. I'm partcipating in the Leap Day sale on TPT so if you buy any of my items on that day you'll get 20% plus an extra 10% when you use the Promo Code L2PY9
Click Here to Get your copy
If you download my freebie or check out my stores, please let me know. I can use all the encouragement I can get. Thanks for following and supporting me.


  1. Your thinking map is so cute!! Thanks for sharing. I am now following both of your stores!!

    The First Grade Dream

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