Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year!

I hope everyone had a very happy new year's eve and is off to a good start in 2013. I fixed a big dinner and Chris and I watched The King's Speech. I was asleep by 11 but then woken up at 12 with some fireworks across the street. So far today we've already been to the outlet mall which I have been wanting to go to since right after Christmast. It was pretty good. Not too many people and still some sales going on. My favorite stores to go to are Ann Taylor Loft and J.Crew. Everything in The Loft was 50% off and then 20% off at J. Crew. Then my husband found a few things at Eddie Bauer Outlet and I found out they give a discount if you are a teacher. So that was exciting. I keep thinking of starting showing some of my outfits on here like Abby does over at the Inspired Apple. But I'm just not sure I'm really that stylish. I think I just like to look at style blogs and pins on pinterest. Speaking of pinterest I'm part of a new collaborative board you've got to start following if you don't. There are some great kindergarten and first grade ideas on it. Check it out here.
I also am pretty excited because I finally started a new facebook page for my blog. You should like it. I plan on offering some special flash freebies on there sometime later this week. If I can get my winter math stations finished. You can check it out here. I've already gotten several likes which makes me feel pretty good. I had some good friends promoting me on their page. Some fellow Tennesse bloggers. You should check these guys out if you don't follow them already.

Ok I'm done promoting myself and my friends. It's one of my goals this year to be a little more out there with promoting myself and trying to grow my blog and store. So on with my New Year's Goals. Jennifer at The Teacher's Cauldron is having a party and it is New Year's Day. So I'm joining the party.

One resolution for your personal life and one for blogging was the gist for this linky. I wanted to do one of the week long ones going on and hosted by a variety of people. I just couldn't keep up with it. So these are my resolutions or goals for the year:
My personal goal is to be more intentional with my relationships. I have let several friendships from high school and college slide. I know that's part of growing up and it happens. But I really miss some of these friends. One just had a baby and I got reconnected when I went to her baby shower.
My blogging goal is to try to post more. I'm hoping that when we get internet at the house, it will help that goal a lot. I also want to try to promote myself a little more and create more. I enjoy creating new units and activities for my class and sharing them.
My professional goal is to work on my groups more. Last year I wanted to start Daily 5 and now I've got this going pretty well and then I also have gotten my math work stations going pretty well. The next step is to get the group part and differentiation part down.
So that's where I'm heading this year. Anyway, be sure to check out Jen at The Teacher's Cauldron's party.

What are you planning on working on this year professionaly, and personally? I love reading about other people's goals and plans.


  1. Love the collaborative Pinterst board! So many great ideas!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. Glad you've had a great day today. Clint and I have been working at home and been a little lazy too. I really don't want to go to work tomorrow, but I keep telling myself I only have 2 months left before maternity leave, it makes it a little easier =)

    Kinder Kraziness

  3. Yay, an East Tennessee blogger! So happy to have found you today! Good luck with your goals!

    Strive to Sparkle