Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the Year Housekeeping

I can't believe today is the last day of 2012. It has been a great year. I married the most wonderful man who took me on the best honeymoon a girl could ask for. I have a great class of first graders. It has been a good one. I have been wanting to post some of my resolutions and join in the parties that are going on but I have some things I need to attend to first. So look for my resolutions to be posted tomorrow.
First I want to share the ornaments we made for our parents in my class. They turned out soo cute. I know you can't do it now but maybe pin the idea and save it for next year.
This first one I got the idea from Laral over at Little Miss Kindergarten. (You can read her post here.) I was planning on making these angels anyway but after Sandy Hook, it just seemed fitting.

The second one was a snowman I had seen all over blogs, pinterest and my assistant had brought in one a former student had given her. I had planned on making the kids ornaments with the frosty ball ornaments I found, but recovering from knee surgery prevented me from doing as much as I would have liked. These were easy and the kids had fun.

Next order of business that needs finishing up is the Holly Bloggy Exchange. I'm so late in posting this but I wanted to do it justice and posting from my phone wouldn't do that. (we still don't have internet at the house. I called last week and got the run around from both cable companies. My husband called and they came Saturday to check out the situation. So hopefully by the end of the week we'll have internet!)
Here is what I sent my partner Lisa from Live, Laugh and Love to Learn.

I love 31 and their pouches so I had to send that. Then I got some of my favorite pens, gum and chapstick. I also really love fuzzy socks.
Lisa sent me the cutest package. I loved the way she put everything in a  glass jar.

I love Essie nail polish and purple so that was the perfect gift. I keep meaning to paint my toes and my nails. But my right foot has been really swollen for the past two weeks as I'm recovering from surgery. I haven't really wanted to show off my Fred Flintstone feet. Thanks Lisa.

Live Laugh and Love to Learn
If you want to participate in the next Holly Bloggy Exchange, be sure to follow their blog. I have partcipated in all of them and have had such a great time.
Holly Bloggy Christmas

I am partcipating in a giveaway over at Kindergarten Faith. There are some great things to be won. So check it out.

Kindergarten Faith
You can win your choice of items from my store. I just posted a new write the room activity to Teachers Pay Teachers. My kids loved the Christmas one I made so I had to do a winter themed one. You can check it out here.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a very Happy New Year! I'm exctied to get back to blogging and creating in the new year.

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