Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 in 12

I'm linking up with Kristin and Hadar for their 12 in 12 linky party. If I was a cool kid, I would have linked up yesterday on 12-12-12. But I didn't. I actually blogged about things we were doing in our classroom. It has been a while since I've done that. But I've been wanting to join that party so here I am.
12. Favorite Movie I watched
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the Hunger Games. I usually don't like it when they take books I like and turn them into movies. I'm not a fan of the Harry Potter movies but the books are my favorite. But this was actually a good movie. I also really enjoyed SkyFall (which I want to call starfall all the time because of the website.)
11. Favorite TV Series
I looked back at my 11 in 11 for last year and I listed all these crime shows I watch. And not much has changed. I still love a good crime show. Here lately I've been watching a lot of Mentalist and Castle. But there is always room for my all time favorite show Friends. I can always watch reruns of that show.
10. Favorite Restaurant
I'm really not sure what my favorite restaurant is. I have been loving me some Mexican food lately. For a while our place here in town had closed up but we found the guys that ran it at another Mexican restaurant. There is a local place we love to go for a burger, The Smoky Mountain Brewery. They have trivia a couple nights a week. My hubby and I have never played but I've been wanting to find another couple to play with. Maybe in the new year.
9. Favorite New thing You've Tried
I got married in June, does that count? Being married is definitely new and sharing my living space with someone. But I'm loving every minute of it. As of Sunday we will be married for 6 months. I don't know what I'd do without Chris. Especially as I've been recovering from surgery.
This picture is from last year when we got engaged. :)
8. Favorite gift you have received.
I don't have a picture of it but Chris bought me a plumeria necklace while we were in Hawaii for my birthday. I fell in love with the flower while we there and really all of Hawaii. Whenever I wear it, Sophie touches it and says Happy Happy. She remembers it was my birthday present from Chris.
7. Favorite thing you've pinned

Source: via Kerri on Pinterest
This pin makes me laugh a lot. Love it!
This is one of my favorite recipes I've made from pinterest this year.
6. Favorite Blog Post
I'm not sure which blog post is my favorite. It might be the one where I share pictures of my honeymoon. I know that it isn't school related at all but that was really the best trip and best surprise a girl could ask for.
You can check that post out here.
5. Favorite Accomplishment
I'm really proud of how much my blog has grown in the past year and how much I've grown because of blogging. When I was reading my post from last year, I was a few followers away from 100. Now almost a year later I have over 500 followers. I've met several bloggers in real life and have some bloggy besties. I love this community that I've become a part of. It has done so much for my teaching. I think my kids are seeing the fruits of blogging. I'm also proud of myself for jumping into to TPT. Last year I had only ventured into the teacher's notebook site. Since then I've now got over 20 items in my store and I'm setting and meeting new goal each quarter. It's not life changing or anything but I enjoy it. I make some great activities for my kids and then other people use them too. It amazes me to think that the activities I've created are being used by other teachers.
4. Favorite Picture
This is my favorite picture from our wedding. It sums up Chris and I and our relationship. Plus our fantastic Art teacher was our wonderful photographer.
3. Favorite Memory
My favorite memory is hands down my wedding and honeymoon. Probably the honeymoon more than anything. If you haven't heard the story, it's a good one. I thought we were going to the Florida keys until we got to the airport and were checking in. That's when I found out we were going to Hawaii. I was shocked. Chris had made these plans in January and kept it secret all this time. I also have some good memories with my niece Sophie. This summer I got to keep her one day a week and it was so wonderful to see how she changed each week and how much she learned.
2. Goal for 2013
To keep on blogging and trying new things. I think this year I've tried a lot of new things in my classroom. I'm doing Daily 5, math workstations and slowly getting writing workshop going. I just need to keep being open to change and trying new things.
1. One little word
With the way education is always changing, staying as positive as possible is needed. Also I'm still recovering from knee surgery and I need to get a positive attitude about that as well.
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  1. What a beautiful wedding photo! Your dress is very elegant and you look so happy. It's wonderful to see. :)

    Granny Goes to School

  2. My favorite memory was a June wedding as well! (6-2-12) What a fun surprise your honeymoon was!