Saturday, January 19, 2013

Five for Friday on Saturday

I  started a post all about science this week yesterday but I never finished it. So hopefully I'll get it posted tomorrow. I decided my brain wasn't really into finalizing my science plans for the week since I had a snow day yesterday. My brain wasn't really into doing anything. So I was going to do this fun post from Doodle Bugs Teaching.

I saw several people post this last week and it looked like fun. So here I go. 

1. I've blogged about this boy before. His name is Regan and he's a sixth grade student at my school. This week he started chemotherapy and radiation at St. Jude's for his brain cancer. He has a contagious smile that he's kept this whole time. Today one of the shopping areas in our downtown (I live in Gatlinburg, TN. If you've ever visited this tourist town you've probably been to this area, The Village. It's where the Donut Friar is) is having a fundraiser. So I've been helping a little bit with that. I'm so amazed by our community and how it's come together for this boy and his family.
2. I had Tuesday and Wednesday off from from school. So I got busy on a couple of new units. One being my snowman scramble. (You can get it on sale at my Teacher's Notebook Store this weekend.)
3. After raining for 4 days straight, Thursday afternoon it turned into snow and we got out of school early and then no school on Friday. This is the view from my back porch. It came down fast and we had about 4 inches before it started melting.

4. I got my hair cut and colored this week. I was inspired by this pin and another one that i can't seem to find. It feels so good to get all the dead stuff cut off. I have pretty thin hair and it looks better when it's shorter. I also went really dark which was a nice change.
5. This picture is actually from today. Because of the weather earlier this week, I got to have breakfast with the hubby. You can draw on the tables with dry erase markers at this place and we went again this morning. So I wrote this and took a picture as our picture of the day.
Anyway, so that's my five for Friday err, Saturday.  Go check out the other ones at the party. I'll be back tomorrow with a post that has some educational substance. At least I hope so.


  1. Love the snowman scramble. Looks like something the kiddos would really get caught up in! I'm jealous of all these snow days I keep reading about in the blogging world. I am from WI and we have barely gotten snow this winter. This is completely unheard of here.


  2. I am SO jealous!!!! On Tuesday, it started snowing really heavy at like 6:00. The buses had already left and it was too late to call a snow day. Until my babies walked through that door, I just knew they were gonna cancel school. Hahah. No such luck! The swowman scramble looks so cute! And who doesn't love a sale?! :)

  3. Isn't it great to have so extra time to work on units? We get tomorrow off and I am thrilled!
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