Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Freebie

So I meant to post this awhile ago, but I completely forgot about it. While I was planning for the time I was going to be out, I had trouble figuring out our science and social studies activities. We don't have a real curriculum to use to carry out our standards. We get Science and Social Studies Weeklies to use. They are pretty good but they need a lot of supplementing. I decided to work on animals some while I was going to be out. They kids love animals and we've already started talking about them. But they needed something to do, so I whipped up this little tree map and writing activity for them to do. I thought maybe you could use it. The clipart is from the 3 AM teacher. This was the first time I've ever planned for three weeks at a time. I think that might be the way to go as long as I'm not writing sub plans. It was difficult writing all those sub plans. I'm all ready for next week. I didn't think I'd have the energy today to do any planning. I figured just being at school was all I could handle.
 Next week when I get back to school, we're going to start a geography and map unit to get ready for Christmas around the world the last two weeks before school starts. Anyway, I thought I would share this activity. If you can use it, please consider leaving me a comment and following me. Thanks.

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