Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday made it on Tuesday

So I really thought I was going to link up yesterday. I had my projects all done and my pictures taken and everything. But yesterday, I had a workshop all day and then one of my good friends was visiting for California and I still had one more little project to finish that I wanted to share. So here I am early Tuesday morning blogging. Today and tomorrow we have our annual staff retreat. Sounds like it should be relaxing but it really isn't. We talk about testing a lot and standards a lot. But we do get fed really well. My principal is big on feeding us well. He even grills out some fantastic hamburger and hot dogs for us one of the days .And it is nice to catch up with all the other teachers. One of the great things is we get our inservice hours in before school starts so we don't have to worry about it during the school year.
Yesterdays workshop was fantastic and I can't wait to share some of the websites I learned about for science and social studies. That will be a post later this week. Ok, so I should probably quickly share my projects and then go get ready for my day.
 I shared these letters last week but I got them put on the wall and really like them. Although looking at the picture I see the T is crooked. Oh well. I had to hot glue them up there. They are above my math table. I wanted a "corner" with a book shelf but I couldn't find another bookshelf and I really don't need to buy one. I'm still working on getting this area the way I want it.

I had pinned this project earlier in the summer to do. I finally got it done last week. You can get the label here.     I had saved icing containers last year to put games and stuff in. So I covered one in scrapbook paper and the label and voila! I'm hoping that this will help my kids remember to put their name on their papers.
I'm really excited about how these quotes turned out. I found these frames from Dollar General for $2 each. I couldn't resist but I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. At first I thought I might but my standards on them but then I saw these quotes from Technology rocks, Seriously. I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I added some scrapbook paper as a background and then hot glued the frames to the walls. There are more quotes and she has some great stuff. So be sure to check her out here.
My last project is for my niece Sophie. She's turning 2 on Friday. If you read my blog, you know I love my nieces more than anything. And they are both super cute. I found the iron on i am 2 at Hobby Lobby and the idea was born. I didn't do any sewing for this project. I used the heat bond adhesive for the ribbon. I'm pretty excited about it. My sister and her family are headed to the beach for Sophie's birthday so I won't get to see her wear it, but I'm sure she'll send me a picture. Anyway, those are my projects for the week. I'm hoping I can continue to link up with some Monday made its when school starts. I have a week from today before I'm officially at work. Although, I think I pretty much am this week. I didn't read any blogs yesterday and I've already got 449 posts to catch up on. Oh the joys of back to school. Be sure to check out the other projects over at Tara's.


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  2. I like how your quotes turned out too. Hot glued to the wall huh? Might have to try that:)
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  3. I love your "Wait. . . ." Jar. Wonderful Job!