Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to school frenzy

Oh my gosh. It has been quite a week. I haven't blogged since Tuesday and the only reason I was able to blog Monday and Tuesday was because I scheduled it ahead of time. I worked in my room Monday and then Tuesday was our first inservice day. We spent the whole day in meetings. Then Wednesday we had time in our rooms to get ready for registration night that night. It was good. I keep my kids for 2 years so I already know most of my kids and their families. I had prepared a powerpoint and included several pictures from my wedding and honeymoon. It was so sweet. My parents were so excited for me and wanted to hear about the big Hawaiian surprise. One of my parents wants me to put some of my wedding pictures on the class shutterfly account so they can see them. This is the upside to looping. You get so close to the families. It can be really nice. It was so good to see my kids. Thursday was our first day of school and it was a dream. The kids were so good. I had 3 students absent and still had 2 no shows. It was like we had never left. Thursday after school at 5 was kindergarten registration. We decided last year that all the first grade and kindergarten teachers would be on board for registration. One of the other first grade teachers and I were on board for babysitting for the kids that showed up with their parents. We had planned on putting a movie in and thought we'd only have about 15 kids. Well we were wrong. We had over 40 kids in the room with us. It was exhausting. I had forgotten what the beginning of the year kindergarteners are like. They asked a million questions and when one had to go to the bathroom 15 of them had to. The kindergarten class lists started out about 15 in each class. By the time registration was over they had 22 in each class. In the 5 years I've been at my current school, our class size has never been that large. It's a little crazy. The kindergarteners don't start until Monday. They do a staggered enrollment for 3 days and then they'll all be there on Thursday. We try to help each other out as much as possible. Thursday night when I got home there was suppose to be sweet and sour chicken ready in the crockpot. But the power had gone off that morning and there was no dinner ready. I was pretty sad. Luckily Chris took me to dinner so I didn't have to come up with something new for dinner. Friday my new students showed up and it was a little crazy. It amazes me how one student can change the dynamic of your room. I don't think I've been this tired in a long time. I was at school til at least 5 every night last week and most of the time it was til 6 or 7. I still don't have my plans ready for next week. So this evening I will be working. Hopefully, I'll get back in the swing of things and get back to blogging. I meant to take pictures of what we did last week and of my room. Hopefully, I'll get on this week. Hope if you've started school, you're faring better than me. Here's to blogging this week.

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  1. I am with you! We have the largest class sizes I've ever seen too! It's crazy and crowded! We're on week 3 and I'm slowly settling into a routine! WEVCAN DO THIS !