Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School Sale

This post is going to be mostly shameless self promotion with a little promotion of others thrown in there. I try not to do this but part of blogging is promoting your items on TPT. So here I am. I am participating in the TPT sale that starts today and goes through Monday. You can get 20% off my store and then another 10% from TPT by using the code BTS12. For some reason it ends up being 28% off not 30%. Anyway, here are few items from my store you might be interested in. My biggest seller is my Be a Letter Detective. It's perfect for kindergarteners who need practice identifying the letters. There is a page for each letter.My kids loved this activity especially if you give them a highlighter to find the letters with.
Another popular item in my store is my Puppy Ten Frame Scoot activity. This is a whole group game using 10 frames to practice identifying numbers 11-30. There are 2 recording sheets available for differentiation. It's perfect for the beginning of the year in first grade and towards the end of the year in Kindergarten.
One of the activities that I use a ton in my class is the Buggy for Words Intervention packet. My kids love using it to make words. I can use it word work, practice making sentences and practicing fry phrases. I love this packet because there is so much you can do with it. It's been on my to do list for a while to make a fall themed one. But the bugs work for any season.
The last item that I'm excited about that's in my store are the black and white numbers. I have them put in my classroom and think they look great.
So those are a few things I think you should buy from my store. You can get to my store by clicking on the cute icon to the right. Now my cart is full to do some buying myself. So here are a few things, I plan on buying during the sale. (That's why I need you to buy something from me then I won't feel so bad about all the money I'm going to spend.)
So those are a few of the great things that I plan on buying. I have over 50 items on my wishlist so I'm sure I'll be adding to this list. What are you buying during the sale?

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