Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Classroom Tour

 I finally remembered to charge my camera battery and then better yet remembered to take some pictures of my classsrom. And now I'm actually sitting down to write a blog post. I am still recovering from the start of school. I'm worn out. I feel like I've dropped off the face of the planet with blogging, facebook and keeping up with friends. So far my kids are doing pretty well with what we've been doing. I'm not sure where I want to go with them. Normally we spend about t3 weeks on kindergarten review. It's built into the reading series we use. But this week that is not enough material for them. I  worked on assessing letters and sounds today and they have a good handle on those. I'm think that we're going to do another week of review but a little more intense and then start real first grade stuff the first week in September. I have Jury duty next Monday and I would rather them not start something so new without me. What do you normally do for the first few weeks of schools? Love to hear some of your ideas. This week we've been using a lot of ideas from Abby's packet Ready to Read and Kim Adsit's Blast off to reading. If you haven't checked those out, they are great. I'll share more about this week later. Right now I'm giong to share pictures of my classroom.

 This is my math corner. I still need to put these markers away. They've been sitting there since kids brought in their supplies on Thursday.
Here is the beginning of the word work area. It still needs help as well. I need a sign and to finish putting the supplies there.
 The birthday wall. I didn't change anything about this area.
 Here's my take on the cute howe we go home ribbons. My problem was figuring out how to show their bus numbers. But I used some left over circles for that.
Here's the bottom of my promethean board, interesting words poster and some quote posters. The area that I standing in to take the pictures is where the students sit during morning meeting and whole group activities.
This is my calendar area. I used tissue paper for the borders and spruced up my calendar a bit with hot glue and ribbon.
 This is part of my board. I have my rules listed. Then my schedule cards, noise level adn then the end of my numbers and alphabet. You can get the schedule cards, noise level and numbers at my tpt store. My aphlabet cards are from Annie Moffat. Love them.

Here's the start of my library.

I especially love that I have pete the cat in my library.

 Here's is my guided reading table. It's got a few things piled on it. But I love the dry erase circles I found at Big Lots. I can't wait to use them with my kids.
Here is my word wall. There are already words on it becuase I keep my kids for two years. I didn't take the words off from last year.
Ok I have other pictures but my comptuer is being weird. I'll have to share some more tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this peek in my classroom.


  1. Your room looks mighty spiffy! How do you like sticking with the same kiddos for two years?

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. Looks great! I am feeling overwhelmed with my classroom. I have until 2 pm on Friday to have it ready! Hoping mine looks as good as yours!

  3. Everything looks so great! I have that same bag of markers on the floor if it makes you feel any better :)