Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Bucket List Linky

So I've decided to join the fun of the Summer Bucket List Linky party.

I have 9 more school days until my summer begins. The kids only have 7 more days. Right now I'm working on organizing my room so I'll be ready for the school year to start. I usually just cram everything somewhere and then organize later. But I'm trying something new this year. (Hey that might be a good post. I could finally get some of that organizing done from the Clutter Free Classroom challenge.) Anyway, here are some things I plan to do this summer.
1. Get my house organized and things cleaned out. I'm getting married on June 16 (I know I know. You've heard that before from me) so one of my big projects will be to get the house together. We're going to have a yard sale at some point.
2.My biggest class project I want to work in revamping my classroom library. I want to make it more friendly and more accessible for the kids. I also would like to catalog all my books using an app that I can no longer remember what it is called.
3. Make some of the fun sweets and recipes I've got pinned on pinterest.
4. Get back to running and zumba. With school wrapping up and all the craziness that goes with that, I've gotten out of the habit of exercising.
5. Make a retelling rope for class. Have you seen this idea? So cute.
6. Read Debbie Diller's Math Stations book and get ready to implement these ideas.
7. Craft
8. Spend quality time with my nieces.
9. Make some units for TPT and TN. I've been making a list this year and I haven't gotten to most of them. 

So that's probably quite a bit to put on my bucket list but I love summer and the possibility that it holds. What do you plan on doing this summer? You should link up.


  1. Are you coming to Johnson City for the Early Childhood Conference? Debbie Diller is doing a two day thing, one on math and one on literacy.

  2. Kerri...let me know when you will be at school this summer and maybe we can work on cataloging together :)


  3. I love your banner comment "this is an experiment to try to keep me excited about teaching." I have had a very rough year and am taking a sabbatical year for a break. I just entered the world of blogging myself. Nice "meeting" you!

  4. your background is so your newest follower...drop by

    Just Wild About Teaching

  5. your background is so your newest follower...drop by

    Just Wild About Teaching