Monday, May 21, 2012

5 more days!

I promise I haven't dropped off the planet. I feel like I have though. I haven't blogged since Thursday and I have over 400 posts to read in google reader. I feel like I've been going non stop since Thursday afternoon. Chris and I went with some boy scouts camping in Damascus, VA. He is a scout master. They have a big festival there called Trail days. They've been the past 6 years. This was my second time to go. Last year we had awful weather. We ride the Virginia Creeper trail while there. I hadn't biked in a long time when we went last year and I fell a lot. But this year, I did a lot better and we had great weather. It was a really fun trip. As soon as we got back, we showered and headed to our niece Kaley's first birthday party. She was such a cutie and it was  great party. Today was field day at school. We have to walk to a park to get there. It's a pretty good walk up hill on a pretty busy road. But we made it. It was a good day. I'm completely worn out though. I'm smelly, sunburned and still sore from bike riding and walking up the hill. Plus my house is a wreck and I need to  buy groceries. Enough whining. It's just that time of the year.
Tomorrow night is our Kindergarten graduation program. We're doing a tribute to Dr. Jean. Our line up is as follows:
We're walking in to Going on a Bear Hunt.
Pizza Hut - environmental print
Who let the letters out?
Macarana Math - counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s
5 Little Monkeys
Banana dance
May there always be sunshine.
It's going to be really cute. We need to finish up our paper plate graduation faces so we can get those up as well. I was talking to some other teachers at schools in the county and they've done away with kindergarten graduation. What does your school do?


  1. We don't have K graduation :(. They had it where I taught in middle TN and that is what I looked forward to most about getting a position in K, then neither school I have been K at does it.

  2. Unfortunately our school district in coastal SC does not have a kindergarten graduation. I wish we still did. My mom said it was the best part of kindergarten to her.

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