Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is Not Wrong!

I'm linking up with Carried Away in Kindergarten for her What's not wrong? linky party. This is one of my favorite posts of the week. Midweek is a good time to stop and reflect about what is good in our lives. So here my 5 things that are not wrong.
1. Zumba is not wrong. Last week I went to zumba class for the first time and loved. It was so much fun and I got a good workout. I returned this week and have decided to make it a weekly thing on Mondays. It's nice to do something different rather than running.
2. Birthdays are not wrong. Sunday we celebrated my mother's birthday with my family. My niece was hilarious sticking her finger in the cake before it was cut. Then Monday was future sister in law's birthday. We celebrated with her family Tuesday night. I made chicken and dumplins, apples and a chocolate cake. It was the first time one of the nieces has been to my house since they're mobile. My house needs some child proofing big time.
3. Shoe shopping for my wedding is not wrong. Saturday my mom and sister and I are going to do some shopping for the wedding. I need to pick up my dress (That story actually is wrong but I won't go into it today.) Get shoes, makeup and Chris's clothing for the wedding. Less than 3 months away!
4. DeeDee Will's Math journals are not wrong. If you haven't checked out her math journals, you should. They are the best. My kids are doing so well with a variety of math skills because of these journals. Click here to see a post she did in October about them.
5. TPT Credits are not wrong. Have you seen where you can redeem your points on TPT for products now? It's pretty awesome. I've traded my points into for 2 or 3 products already.

Anyway, what is not wrong your life this week? Link up and check it out. I would love to hear what is going great for you.

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