Monday, March 26, 2012

Make it Monday

So I didn't do anything this weekend school or blogging related. I had every intention of getting caught up on blog stalking and had a whole list of blog posts I was going to write and had a couple of centers I was going to make. I did none of it. Saturday I spent the day with my mom and sister shopping and taking care of some wedding stuff. Then Sunday I spent the day with Chris just enjoying being together. I think sometimes you just need to do that. I've been working so hard on school stuff that I'm getting a little burned out. I need Spring break to get here badly. 2 more weeks and I'll be on a break. If only my brain would get that memo. While I was trying to nap yesterday, I kept thinking about how I was reworking my schedule and centers and math instruction. That's an upcoming post.
Last week, I decided I was going to start posting on Sundays a craft project. Well I didn't post it last Sunday and didn't get to it yesterday, so maybe I'll try Make It Mondays. And post on Mondays.
The month of March has been busy with birthdays in my family and Chris's family. My mom's is on the 16th and his sister's is on the 19th. I was inspired by Pinterest to make some cards for the occasions. We were headed to JoAnn's anyway. Here are the cards I made:
 I found some letter size card stock in solid colors on sale for $1.99 a packet. Each packet had 50 sheets in it.
I got pastels, white and black, and brighter colors. It was completely by accident that I found this paper. At our JoAnn's the sale stuff is shoved on shelves in the back.
I already had a ton of buttons, ribbons and rhinestones from other projects. I used my hot glue gun to glue on the ribbon and buttons on each card. Then I used photo tape to layer the scrapbook paper. I'm not completely satisfied with my handwritten Happy Birthdays but I don't have a printer at home. It was fun playing with my leftover craft supplies and seeing what I can make. They didn't take long to make and I think it was a little more personal than a store bought card.
Be sure to check back next week. I tried out a new craft and I'm mostly pleased with the results.
 What are you crafting lately? Comment and let me know what craft projects you're working on.

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