Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reading on the Third Day of Kindergarten

I'm slowly but surely getting a few things accomplished in class. We haven't had time for math yet but hopefully it will come. On Wednesday we talked about our first popcorn word, "I." We made an interactive reading chart of "I am _______" and they filled in their names. I typed to a promethean flip chart and they came up to it and read their sentences. They were so proud of themselves when they read their sentence. Even one of my ELL students who hasn't spoken many words read his sentence. Today I turned chart into a pdf and then printed that page off so they could read their sentence for homework. I was reallye excited about this idea and it was so easy to do. I just went to print on the file menu on the promethean board and from there chose print to pdf. It didn't print it just turned into the pdf.
We also made Fran's sight word necklaces from her sight words that rock your room packet. I definitely learned a bit about how to do that with the kids. They needed to be cut out, hole punched and made into a necklace before giving them to the kids. At least at first. I forget how little they are.
You can check out the flip chart we've been working through this week. You can see all the pages we didn't get to yet. I've been a little ambitious with my planning. But better too much than too little! Here's to Friday! I'm going to need some rest this weekend.
Click Here Flipchart

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