Monday, August 15, 2011

A how to post

Today was our first official day back as teachers and my head kind of feels like it could explode. We are adopting a new model of teacher evaluation in Tennessee and it's pretty intense. I think it's called the TAP model if anyone out in the blogging world has any words of wisdom about it. I think it will be fine once we get use to it but it was a lot of information for a day.
So I'm going to impart a little information on you today. This is a post about how to make those cute little books that are all on one page like Fran Kramer over at Kindergarten Crayons makes. It probably isn't at all how she does her books but this is what I figured out using publisher. I have publisher on my school computers and you can do the same on word but it isn't quite as easy to do.

1. Choose a new document - blank print publication.
2. Go to Page setup under File menu. Choose landscape orientation.
3. On the left toolbox menu, choose the square option. Make a rectangle that is 5 and 1/2 inches long and 4 and 1/4 inches wide. Copy and paste this 3 times so you have four rectangles. You'll then arrange these so it divides your paper into four boxes. I do this to help me divide my page and it helps when rotating things later.
4. I start with the lower right corner as my title page and then work from there. I insert text and clipart that I want in each box.
5. When you finish getting the page how you want them, you're ready to rotate. I usually do the lower right, then the lower left, then upper left, and then last upper right.
6. Click every component in the upper left box while holding the shift button including the box itself. You should have the dots around each item. Once you have all objects selected you go into the arrange menu and chose the option group. This will make it so you move all these objects together.
7. At the top of the box when you select it, there should be a line with a green dot. You click that dot and rotate the whole box until it's upside down.

This is my first time writing out instructions on how to do one of these projects. So I would love some feedback on whether these were easy to understand.
I made a sight word book that was inspired by Fran Kramer and then I got the idea to make little books for each letter. So I'm offering both the publisher and the pdf of the book. My thinking was to have the students use a list of words brainstormed that start with the letter to create the book.
Pdf version of M book
Publisher version of M book

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