Saturday, August 6, 2011


I spent the day yesterday doing some back to school shopping with my sister and almost one year old niece. It was tax free weekend here in Tennessee so I took advantage. My wonderful mom and boyfriend had given me some money to do a little clothes shopping for myself. I don't get paid again til Sept. 15 and my money is starting to dwindle. I'm sure you guys can relate. So I was very grateful for the kindness of my mom and boyfriend. We also hit up Target. We don't have a Target where I live so I have to go to Knoxville and I guess I waited too late. The dollar spot was pretty picked over. I did find some of the foam shapes. Our first unit in math is about sorting and classifying so I think I am going to use those for that purpose. I also found some of the board books about colors, shapes, and numbers. I'll put those in their beginning of the year book baskets. I put a basket of books at each table for the kids to read when they finish whatever they are working on. They seem to really like the board books at first. I was disappointed because the one about the sun was no longer there. I had seen a neat idea on someone's blog for that book. I of course had to buy the board books and some magnetic numbers I found for my niece too. I'm determined she's going to love to read and so far that's the case. Our next stop was a wonderful used bookstore. I had a lot of teacher books to trade in. I've been trying to clean things out. I taught 3rd grade for 3 years before moving back to my hometown and I'm still slowly weeding out my 3rd grade materials. So I had around $100 to spend at the bookstore. Mostly we found books I thought my niece needed. She got really excited about the books and at one point she had them all around her in her stroller and was in heaven. But I did find some good books for the classroom. I've got the bulk of my classroom library from this bookstore. It's amazing!
To go with the randomness of this post, I'm so excited about something I learned this morning on

She has step  by step directions for creating some of the documents she does on word. I was most excited because she has section about installing fonts. I don't know if you're like me and you've been seeing all the cool stuff on blogs and trying to create some yourself. I'm one of those people that likes to tweak stuff and make it my own. I had downloaded some fonts but had no idea how to install them. Well thanks to Ms. Patterson I now have a bunch of new fonts to use in my word programs and my promethean software. Woo Hoo! I'm not going to get any cleaning of my house done today at all. Oh well. I had several projects I planned on completing this weekend.
  • Making the letters for Making Words Kindergarten
  • Sign for outside my door. I got my canvas in my back to school shopping so I'll post a picture when I get it completed.
  • Promethean charts. I thought of some ways to improve of what I had already created. Can't wait.
Happy crafting this weekend!

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  1. Yes, those items in the Dollar Spot do go fast, ha! I think I would have to cry if I didn't live near a Target. :-) I love playing around with new fonts too, there are definitely some cute ones!