Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Next Step in Guided Reading Chapter 4

I'm joining the ladies over at Freeblicious for the next installment of the book study for The Next Step in Guided Reading: Focused Assessments and Targeted Lessons for Helping Every Student Become a Better Reader. (Seriously if you haven't gotten this book yet, You need to. It's awesome)
This chapter is all about Early guided reading. This group is mostly what first grade is all about. But it can also include your higher kinders and lower second graders. I'm really wishing I had read this book last year when I was floundering around with my guided reading groups.
This quote is one that really stuck in my mind while reading this chapter.

Asking students if things make sense is so important for them to be able to comprehend the story. I'm thinking I might print this slide out and put it in my guided reading notebook. (In fact I'll probably print all these slides out for that purpose.)
Here's the gist of what you do during a two day lesson that last about 20 minutes each day. 
The first day:
Day 2 begins much like day 1 with sight word review, reading and prompting and teaching a strategy. This part needs to only last about 10 minutes. The bulk of this lesson should be guided writing. 

I love this structure for guided writing. It is so important for kids to write with guidance. I was at least doing this part right in my groups last year.
I want to leave you with this quote from Richardson.

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  1. Great post! This chapter had SO much info!

    Kindergarten Smiles

  2. Great chapter I had an aha moment with accuracy portion. Focus on the strategies make much more sense for beginning readers.

  3. The Self Monitoring quote struck me too. Very informative post!

  4. Thanks for the great overview, very helpful in making sense out of such a long chapter. Any chance you might share your slides so that others too can put them into their guided reading binders?