Saturday, July 6, 2013

My favorite reading pins

It's time again for the pinterest party over at Just Reed. I have had so much fun joining her pinterest parties. This week it's all about reading. I love teaching reading and it could be because I love to read so much. Reading is one of my favorite things. That has been the only plus side to my hubby being out of town this week. I've been able to stay up late and read. I've read 3 books since he's been gone.
1. This first pin is from Meaning Matters. It's a retelling bracelet made from a pipe cleaner and beads. I've used this a couple of times. I first saw it on Fran at Kindergarten Crayon's blog for Thanksgiving. But I've also used it for Pete the cat.

2. The next one is all about foldables. I use foldables some but not as much as I would like. This is from A Teacher's Treasure. She has a ton of examples on her blog. Check it out here. 

3. The next pin is one of my own products. It's my Monster Mapping unit on TPT. It has different story maps and graphic organizers. I use it a lot with my kids and their reading journals. I shrink them to a half page and they fit perfectly in their reading journal.

4.The next one is from my friend Jennifer from Herding Kats in Kindergarten. She has a great elements of a story pack. I have all the posters printed out and in my binder that I use for reading groups. It's great to use to introduce different story elements. 

5.This anchor chart is all about talking about books. I would love to get my kids talking more about books and what they have read. This pin didn't lead anywhere but it's good inspiration.

6.This is another anchor chart pin. Only this one is from Fabulous Fourth. I love the idea of having a visual reminder of character traits. It's so hard for kids to think of traits beyond nice.

7. Have you checked out the Teacher Tipster? I saw this idea over at that sight. They are power tower sight words. You write the words on the cups and then make towers with them. (This picture comes from this site This is on my to do list this summer. 

8. My class this past year loved Pete the Cat and so do I. So I'm planning on starting the school year off with some Pete the Cat fun. I found these super cute necklaces over at Coyne's Crazy Fun Classroom.

9, Vocabulary is a very important part of reading and I love this idea from My Heart Belongs in First about ways to display vocabulary words from books. 

10. My last pin is all about finding the right book. I hope that I can help all my kids to find the right book and they won't dislike reading. 

Those are some of my favorite pins about reading. Be sure to head over to Just Reed and check out the party.
Just Reed!

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