Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I know I titled this wordless Wednesday but I think I need to add a few captions for the pictures.
These two pictures are from Greg's Basketball Math and Literacy Madness Unit.  I used the compound word match in small groups. The kids loved it. I have plans for us to do Miss Kindergarten's Compound word craftivity sometime soon. It isn't looking like it's going to happen this week.

 This is my bulletin board outside my room. Last year in Kindergarten, I let the kids pick what they wanted to go out on the board. This year, I've put a variety of things up depending on what we're doing. This is what's out today. The flowers are fact family flowers we made today. (I got the idea from a fan on facebook.) Friday I only had 7 kids and a sub so I left this I'm lucky activity for them to do. It was perfect for what I needed.

 I finally printed out Caitlin's Hot Seats to use for review. I just need to get them a little organized and then dive in with them. I'm trying to review as we add new ideas and concepts to math.
This is from my Spring is in the Air write the room pack. I am in love with this clipart. This particular picture is right by the door and it makes me smile  every time I see it.
I guess this was not very wordless at all. But I hope you enjoyed seeing a peek into our classroom.


  1. How do you play scoot? I teach kindergarten. We are working on addtion. My high children can do simple three digit. So I am intrigued with these pictures.