Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daily Five Update

So last year I started implementing some components of daily 5 and had every intention of doing a full implementation this year in 1st grade. I use a lot of the components of Daily 5 but I had to find a way to make it work for me. I know i'm not alone in trying to figure out what works best for my kids and my class. I got as far as having the components of Read to self, Read to someone, work on writing and word work. I just couldn't get listen to reading going like I wanted. I also couldn't get  letting the kids pick what they wanted to do work for me. But I love that by trying daily five, it has forced me to spend some time on writing. I have been working on trying to implement writing workshop. So this has helped me carve out a time for this. I still need to work on the minilesson aspects but I think my kids are improving their writing and getting comfortable with writing. Usually everyday we do Read to self, Read to someone and work on writing. I try to carve out time for word work a couple of times a week. It took me a little while to figure out what would work for me and my class. I use a menu for word work. This has worked the best for me. The kids have several different options to choose from and it helps them from always picking the computer or the ipad. I took a few pictures this week during word work to share with you.
 These students are working on magnetic letters. They have the spelling word list and they build the words with the letters. I worked this summer on organizing my letters.  I think it has helped as long as they put them back like they are supposed to. I just use pizza pans I bought at walmart for them to build the words on.
 This student is working on popcorn words 3 ways. This is from my Words that Pop Up Units on TPT. (Check them out here.) These units uses the sight words from the treasures reading series for first grade.

These two students are doing write the room. This is one of my kids' favorite things to do during word work. I have tried making several different ones based on the season. This past week they were working on ai/ay from my Spring is in the Air pack. I'm in love with the clipart in this path. It is so cute and springy.
I thought I had the file on my hard drive that has my menu. I'll have to add the freebie on Monday when I get back to school. I have one that shared earlier this year but that one didn't work too well for me. There were too many choices. So I've revamped it and now there are 8 choices. So it lasts a couple of weeks. This is what works for me.
How is daily 5 going in your room? I'm not sure when I go back to kindergarten next year if I'm going to go back literacy centers or what.

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  1. I started the Daily 5 in K a few months ago. I am enjoying it so much. Good luck to you!
    Jennifer, kindertrips