Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Currently

I have been pretty MIA on this blog for the past few weeks. I'm not really sure why except I've been so tired. I get home from work and all the other things going on and I don't feel like blogging. I've been meaning to join this party since Friday but it just hasn't happened. But today is a snow day so I'm linking up!
I love watching older mystery shows like Matlock and Murder She Wrote. They aren't as violent as some of the ones on now and I love a good mystery. So on days off I usually can be found watching Matlock from 9-11. My brother in law teases my sister and I about our old people preferences for tv.
I am loving my class right now. They are doing so well and have grown so much. I've had them for a year and a half now and it just blows my mind how much progress they have made. I am going to have a hard time saying goodbye to this class at the end of the year.
I have been meaning to work on new write the room activities and new math work stations activities for a while now but just haven't had the energy for it. So I'm hoping today I can get something done.
It's March and in Tennessee that could mean a variety of things with weather. We have snow today and by Friday it's suppose to be 55 and sunny. We've had so much rain lately that I would love some sunshine. I think sunshine makes a world of a difference.
I think needing a pedicure is a given. I had such a hard time coming up with my three words for K especially the hate. I'm not a fan of ketchup. I like honey mustard and ranch on food more than ketchup.
So that's my currently for the month. Be sure to head over to Farley's blog and check out the other currently.


  1. Hi. I love your font with the hearts!! So cute. Our weather here in Alabama is very unpredictable, too. Today it is freezing and in two days it is supposed to be sunny and in the '70's. I just hope we all don't get sick from the drastic temp changes! I love to visit Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountains. I bet you love living there! It is such a beautiful part of the country. I especially love to go to Cade's Cove and the Comedy Barn!! We have great family vacation memories from Tennessee.

  2. I found your blog through March Currently! I am in need of a pedi too!! I just haven't have much time lately!

    I am a new follower :-)

    All Things Teachery

  3. I definitely need some warm weather and sunshine! We are so close to Spring...and then SUMMER!! I'm your newest follower.

    Hailey from Autism Tank