Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun

I have never been a fan of  Valentine's Day. I might or might not have a t-shirt that says Love is Lame. Of course this was all before my hubby and I started dating. We started dating 2 years ago a month before Valentine's day. He loves to tease me about my love is lame attitude. Even though I wasn't a fan of the holiday I recognized how much the kids love it. I try to not show my dislike. I wear a v-day shirt, socks, necklace and lots of pink. Yesterday my hubby said just looking at me made him want to say Happy Valentine's day. We are no longer allowed to have a party to celebrate. We still exchange cards and had a special snack. We had a fun day anyway. Here are a couple of pictures from our fun day.
These are our fun bags we made. I had the students pick out scrapbook paper to make their hearts out of. I was inspired by  all the heart people I've seen on pinterest and blogs. I gave the kids googly eyes which made the heart people.

 We graphed conversation hearts. These papers came from Sarah Shelton at Kindergarten Korner. I loved her questions she had on the back. The kids had a lot of fun reading their hearts.

 The Sweetheart Snatcher stole our candy earlier in the day and we had to go on a hung to find it. If you haven't checked this packet out from Babbling Abby you should .They are great and my kids had so much fun with it.
 I made the kids Cupid's Floats. They had cherry 7 up and vanilla ice cream. Then they used Twizzlers for straw. We have made several floats this year and I think this one is my favorite.
While my kids enjoyed their snack they were reading their cards from their friends. It was so sweet. They thanked each other and really enjoyed the cards. It made my heart smile. I had a great day on the personal front too. My hubby had gotten us reservations at the Melting Pot. It was so good. Plus he got me a gorgeous new watch. I'm enjoying my long weekend. We have Friday and Monday off.