Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Sale

I'm sure you know all about the sale today. But here are a few of my friends that are having a sale. I'm hoping I'll have some time to do a little shopping. Between church and a super bowl party at church not sure how much time I'll have. That's why I loaded my cart up with a few things yesterday. Here are a few things in my cart:
I'm sure I could find plenty more things to add to my cart but I accidentally bought some things earlier in the week before the sale.
We had a flood day on Thursday and I created a new activity. It's a CVCE game with a valentine's day theme.
Check it out here.
I also posted Words that Pop Up Unit 4 last week so be sure to check it out. It goes along with the Treasures series for first grade.
SO that's all my shameless self promotion. I hope you get some good deals at the sale and that your team wins the super bowl. I don't really have any preferences for the teams playing. I'm just going to enjoy the food.
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