Sunday, February 10, 2013

100th day Recap

Last Monday was our 100th day so I'm a little late in the posting this. But better late than never. My day on Monday got a little thrown off by a meeting in the afternoon during the 100th day activities.
I had asked my kids to send in 100 items and we still haven't done anything with those. I just realized that they are still sitting in the box they put them in when they brought them. Whoops.

 I hit 100 hershey kisses around the room that had the numbers on them. The kids worked in groups to find the kisses while the rest of the class worked on writing their numbers to 100. They found all but 3 of them the first day. I found the others the next day. I had them put their hershey kisses on the 100s chart which wasn't my best plan. The next day when we were going over the numbers we used the promethean board and highlighted the numbers. That worked a lot better.
 We also made a 100 day snack. This was the first year I didn't ask students to bring in specific snacks and that was a mistake. I just asked for donations and we only got 6 different things. So the kids got to choose 4 things they wanted 20 of instead of just 10. But we were doing this at the very end of the day so the kids had to take their snacks home.
 The last activity we did was making a picture out of 100 squares. I asked my assistant to get the 100 squares for each student together the week before. One of the middle school teaches accused me of cruel and unusual punishment. The kids did a great job and I realized when uploading these pictures I didn't take one of the final products. I'll have to do that tomorrow and add it to the post. they were so quiet and working so hard. It was interesting to see the ones who made a picture and those that just glued them down all over.

The 100th day is a prime example of one of my biggest downfalls as a teacher. I get these great ideas and never seem to have time to finish them. I had the materials to make 100 day hats and had plans to do some counting with their collections but we just didn't get it done. I have such a hard time balancing fun activities with all the required learning we need to do. I had bought stickers and book marks from Target earlier in the month and didn't find them until Friday. Four days after the 100th day. Does anyone else have this problem? Please tell me I'm not the only one. I hope to be back later this week with what we've been doing for persuasive writing. So far these lessons are going well.

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