Monday, June 11, 2012

Math Monday - Counting and place value

Here's my schedule I'm going to try to stick to:
Sunday - Crafty Post
Monday - Math post - I have things to share from my workshop that I went to and I'm reading Math Work Stations.
Wednesday - Book study post. I'm going to participate in a Daily 5 book study and the In Pictures and Words.
I would like for another day to be a technology kind of post and one day to be a reading post. So we'll see what actually get done.  But maybe this will help me keep some posts going as I go on my honeymoon next week and get ready for my wedding this week. I am working on some guest bloggers for my honeymoon week.
 I was suppose to go to another workshop tomorrow but I just think I have too much to do this week for the wedding. Chris and I bought a new mattress on Saturday and it's been delivered on Wednesday. I still need to clean out from under the beds and get ready to move all the beds around. We're moving my full bed into the guest room and setting up Chris's queen bed in our bedroom. I also have to finish the closets. Chris needs to get all his stuff out of Grandmother's house as soon as possible. I can't believe I only have 5 more days before I get married. Ahh!
Anyway, on to math for this post. I went to a workshop last week called "Building an Understanding of Numbers K-2.". The presenter was John SanGiovanni and he had a ton of ideas. They were things that you could take back to the classroom and use.  I thought I'd take a few math posts and share some of his ideas with some freebies.
Here are some of the counting ideas that he suggested:
  • Count on 2 more - use number cards 0-9. Turn over one number card. Place that many cubes in the first circle. The idea is to get them to put the number in their head and then count 2 more. So they can put the 2 more in the second circle. Then they fill out the number sentence at the bottom.
  • Math Games - Count on 2 More

  • How Many Stars? - Have the students make an estimation of how many stars they can draw in a minute. Then give them a minute to draw stars.Then there are a variety of counting activities you can do with this. You can have them count how many they made or they could count how many they made in their groups. We had to count the total number at our table using only the math our students had. So we made groups of 10s and then used our fingers to keep track of our groups of 10. He also suggested doing this over a period of time and then graphing the different numbers.
  • Making 10 - Spin a 1-9 spinner. Use a ten frame and put that many counters into the frame. Count to see how many are needed to make 10. Record the number using a number pair or a number sentence. 
  • Math Games - Making 10
  • Make it and Find It - Using a 100s  chart and place value dice. (I think you could use any dice that had numbers 1-10 on it and then one with 0-9 on it. We used these really cool place value dice that he said you could order from Amazon. I plan to check it out)
  • Find the number on a hundreds chart and place a marker on it. A variation of this game would be to play the game with a partner and try to get 4 in a row. There are a ton more variation of these games. But Chris is about to be asleep on the couch and I want to go cuddle with him. Only 4 more days until we'll be married. I'll be back next Monday with some more math games. Well I will if I can get the post scheduled before the wedding.  I'm linking up with Classroom Freebies Manic Monday.
    Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


    1. Thank you so much for sharing- great partner games and small group!

    2. It's always nice to walk away with things that can actually be used in the classroom. Thanks for the ideas.
      ❀ Tammy
      Forever in First

    3. I am going to see John tomorrow! Are you in Howard County?

    4. Oops! You are in Tennessee! John works for our county here in Maryland. Small world!

    5. Thanks for these great posts! So glad that I justs found your blog. I am always thrilled to find new kindergarten blogs. I am looking forward to following you. I would love for you to stop by my blog sometime. It is fairly new and very much a work in progress.