Sunday, June 17, 2012

Crafty Sunday

While you're reading this post, I'm hopefully on my way to the Keys. I'm looking forward to the beach, sun, some fruity drinks and reading my kindle and doing all this with my new husband. For this weeks crafty post, I wanted to share with you the jewelry that I made for all the women who were at the wedding. We had a very small ceremony with close family only. My sister stood with me and Chris's sister stood with him.

These are the bracelets I made for our sisters and nieces. Both our sisters' have little girls. If you read my blog, you know all about sweet Sophie and Kaley. They were our flower girls. (I'm sure I'll have a funny story or two about them in the wedding. But since I'm writing this ahead of time I don't know what they'll do.)
Then for my mom, aunt, and grandmother, Chris's grandmother and great aunt, I made bracelets like these.
Here they are all packaged and ready to go.

31 helped me with my packaging and gifts for my two sisters. I love making jewelry and had a ton of fun making these for all the important women in my life. Remember to keep checking back this week. I have a math post up next with information about Math Work stations. Then the rest of the week will be some fantastic guest bloggers. Thanks friends for helping me out.


  1. You are married!!! I love the bracelets and wish I could take a class with my daughters. I just know they would love to make these. Are they hard to make?
    Have fun!

  2. The jewelry turned out so pretty. Good job!!


  3. The jewelry is super cute! You did a great job! Congratulations again on being married!