Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crafty Sunday

So I'm back at trying to have some kind of schedule for my blog. I think it will help while I'm out of town on my honeymoon and give me some kind of rhythm to my posting. I went through some of my pins on pinterest and made a new board of projects I want to complete this summer. I made a new board, Summer projects. I was going to link up to it so you could see what they were but pinterest is not cooperating with me. Ok so if you want to see this board, follow this link. I wanted to make a menu to post on the wall but Chris wanted me to wait until we figured out where it was going to go before I bought a frame. The old time pottery just opened back up in Pigeon Forge. That place is trouble. Chris and I went there to find a few things for the wedding. We're having a sand ceremony so we needed some vases to put the sand in. Anyway, today we were at Big Lots looking for a mattress. (We did buy a mattress but not at Big Lots. We found a great deal on a memory foam one at a local mattress store.) I found a frame to use for a menu board. I found a place I wanted to put it. So here's my pinterest inspiration:

I also found some cool scrapbook paper at Big Lots. They have everything there. I'm not sure that I should have ventured there. So here's what mine looks like:

Doing this project made me wish even more that I had a silhouette or a cricut. But since I don't, I used a stencil to make the letters and then cut them out. I used scrapbooking double sided tape to adhere the letters. It didn't take me too long to create. I can't wait to get it hung up and start using it.
Check back tomorrow for a math idea or two from this workshop that I went to last week.


  1. Keri~ I love your menu idea! I am your newest follower and also a TN blogger.


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  3. I totally thought the first picture was your real menu for the week, and was super envious of your meal plan!

    The one you created is adorable too though...and I'm sure it will be filled with equally delicious things!

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