Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mischeivious Elf and other random things

Oh my. It has been quite a week. I started out cranky and it has just gone down hill from there. As much as I'm loving the fun holiday activities, I'm ready for a break and then a regular schedule. My kids have been wild as can be. There are have been a ton of teachers out this week at my school for various reasons. Some were at a workshop that every math teacher in the county has to attend and then one of my fellow kindergarten teachers was sick. There were not enough subs so it's been pretty chaotic. Our Elf on the Shelf made his appearance on Tuesday. It cracked me up how taken in all the kids were with him. We are using the journals from Kreative in Kinder's Elf on a Shelf pack and the kids are begging to use them. I plan on doing a post that shows all the places our Elf, Rainbow, was found. But currently my sister has my camera. My mom, sis, niece and I decorated cookies yesterday and my sis needed to get some pictures off my camera for Christmas presents. That was a lot of rambling. I think this post will be full of rambling. Especially since I started in Friday and am just sitting down to try to finish it. So here's a rundown.
  • I made some marshmallow reindeer pops for my kids yesterday. They were a pinterest find. They turned out pretty cute. I really struggled trying to attach the pretzels so some of them look like derranged bunnies. But luckily I teach Kindergarten and they will love them anyway. Our Elf is going to leave them for them one day this week. (Don't have a picture but hopefully will add one later when I get my camera back.)
  • Friday we read this book about the Snowbelly family's Christmas that I had gotten from Hallmark once upon a time. We then drew our own snowman families. They turned out pretty cute. It was good labeling practice.
  • I fell in love with some cardinal scrappin doodles clipart. It's christmasy but some of it is just wintery. So I took some of the wintery and made calendar pieces for January. This is my first attempt at this. If you can use it, click here. Be sure to leave me some comment love.
  • I still have this week and three days the next week. So we're tackling different versions of the gingerbread man. Check back later this week and hopefully I'll have some more freebies for you.

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