Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holly Bloggy Christmas!

I am definitely in the Christmas spirit. I finished my decorating on Thursday and then started crafting on Friday. I also put up my Christmas tree at school and plan to start Elf on the Shelf on Monday. My students were terrible on Friday. I found myself saying things like "I hope Santa's not watching because some of you might be getting coal in your stocking." I about made myself laugh. I was determined to find the Elf on the Shelf this weekend when my boyfriend and I went shopping. But my wonderful assistant principal came to my rescue. She offered up her daughter's old Elf. So my class will be receiving a package from the North Pole on Monday. I hope it helps or I might not make it.
Here are some of the things I've been crafting this weekend:
I decorated some glass ball ornaments for some of my fellow teachers.

This one is my favorite. I put paint inside the ball and then let it drip down. It took a while but it looks cool. One of the first grade teacher got married on Nov. 11th so I put her new name and the date on their.

An up close of the ornaments. I just need to add the ribbon to them. 
I made one of these for my Holly Bloggy partner. Not sure if I'm suppose to tell that or not. But oh well.
The next project I worked on was pinterest inspired. The paperclip bookmarks. I found some large silver paperclips at Target so I painted them with craft paint and added some ribbon. I'm not quite done with all of them

Another pinterest inspired gift, were some binder clips. I mod podged a few labels on them. I want some of these for myself.

I also painted a class sign for my Holly Bloggy partner but you'll have to wait til after Christmas to see it.
Saturday, I spent some time at Target and Hobby Lobby  getting some crafts for my students and I to do. I truly have the best boyfriend and he puts up with all the craft store trips. He even helps me pick things out for the kids. I found an ornament to make with their pictures and got the materials for making reindeer bell necklaces. I plan to have our Elf on the Shelf bring the material for the necklaces on Friday. I still have quite a few pinterest inspired crafts to make before Christmas.
What are you crafting this holiday season?

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