Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Books Linky

I know Thanksgiving is a little over a month away but I love Thanksgiving books and when I saw this linky I knew I had to participate. Plus I'm already thinking about thanksgiving. I'm having surgery on my knee the Friday before Thanksgiving so I'll be out of school the week of Thanksgiving and most of the week afterwards. I'm looking for good units and activities that will be easy for a sub to do while I'm out. I'm a little bummed that I'll be missing this holiday with my students. I missed it last year because of a stomach virus. I think that might be worse to have a stomach virus on Thanksgiving rather than just being on crutches. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving books.
This one is my all time favorite. I think because I grew up with my aunt reading this story to my sister and I every Thanksgiving. I would like to continue the tradition and read this story to my niece, Sophie. She's two this year so I think we'll be reading it come Thanksgiving day. Although I think she's going to be disappointed that I won't be able to run with her like I usually do.
Here's another good one. There is one Night Before Thanksgiving where the farmer ends up shooting the turkey. This is not that book. My kids always seem to enjoy this book.
This is another good one. I love all these books and the kids always enjoy reading them. They are great books for text to text connections. I'm hoping this year to find a good first grade unit for this book and this be what my kids do with the substitute.
This last one is another favorite. My aunt bought it for me when I was teaching 3rd grade ELL. My mostly Spanish speaking students loved this book. It's a great story about family which is what I think Thanksgiving is all about.
As I was on Amazon looking for pictures of the books, I saw so many great Thanksgiving books. It makes me wish I was going to be there to teach it this year. I had to stop myself from buying some new books. Of course I always have to stop myself from buying new books when I'm Amazon. I'm currenly trying to stock my kindle so I have plenty to read while I'm having my surgery. Leave me a comment with a good adult book to read while I'm out recovering. I'll do the random number generator and pick a winner on Thursday and that person can have an item of their choice from my TPT store.
Be sure to check out First Grade Found Me to see what other people's favorite Thanksgiving books are.


  1. Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving books. I've never heard of "Cranberry Thanksgiving," but it looks like a fabulous book and I've added it to my Amazon list.

    I love Karen White's books. They are all wonderful, making it difficult to pick a favorite. I would recommend "The Beach Trees" and the Tradd Street series (which is currently 3 books). Hope this helps and praying for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery!

    Heather (

  2. Thanks for sharing. I too like Gracias, the Thanksgiving Turkey. I'll have to pull out a few of mine and post about them, too!

    What i have learned

  3. Another fan of Cranberry Thanksgiving! Thanks for linking up to the party and sharing these books. The first one is the only one I already have. More for the wish list! I hope your surgery goes well. Take care!
    First Grade Found Me

  4. Best wishes on a speedy recovery from your knee surgery. The week before Thanksgiving is a tough week to be out of commission.

    I love Ken Follett. His historical fiction is amazing. Fall of Giants was an absolutely engaging read from start to finish. If you've already read that, his sequel Winter of the World has just come out. I recommend both.

    Granny Goes to School

  5. I love Cranberry Thanksgiving! I've never had knee surgery but the stomach bug is awful! I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    The Hive