Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is it spring break yet?

Yesterday I was so cranky. I just wanted spring break to be here. I'm exhausted and my kids are exhausted. We haven't had a day off since February and they are tired of each other. Which is in turn making me cranky. I can not handle the fighting anymore. Monday and Tuesday were great days. But Wednesday they just couldn't hold it together. It could be because we spent about an hour and half at a play yesterday morning. It was an awesome play put on by the middle school kids at my school of Alice and Wonderland. But it was not their usual routine and they had to sit for a long time. And be quiet for a long time. So they took all this out of me and I was cranky by the end of the day. Luckily I had a date with my cutie pie niece, Sophie after school. That instantly brightened my day.

So I haven't gotten all the egg activities and insect activities finished that I wanted to this week. I think I'm going to continue some of the egg activities the week after we get back from Spring break. I think they'll make good Math centers. Is that awful of me? Will the kids be over Easter eggs when it's a week past Easter? I have such a hard time getting everything in. I plan stuff and then other things take too long.
We're still going to be working on ladybugs a bit since we're "raising" some. I'm hoping that they won't turn into full adult ladybugs until after we get back from Spring break. According to a book we read, we should be ok. We stared a life cycle picture. All we've done so far is the eggs and the larva stage. I wanted them to use the ladybugs we have to draw their pictures from.
Meanwhile, we're going to keep a ladybug journal. I've made a template to share with you. My new favorite way to share documents is scribd. I like that I can see how many times it's downloaded. The clipart is from Graphics from the pond and the 3 AM teacher.

Ladybug Journal It's amazing how many people download things and don't leave any comments. I use to be guilty of that. I'll admit it. When I first started blog stalking, I would download tons of free resources and never leave any love for the blogger. But I've turned over a new leaf. I try really hard to comment on all blogs I get things from. I know how happy it makes me to hear someone has used something I worked hard on. I say this not to toot my horn or beg for comments. But just to make you think. I really make a concious effort to comment on blogs I read and leave a word of encouragement. Of course I'm no where as viligant about it as Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies. She's so awesome and always leaving a word of encouragement on my blog and others. So you should check her out and leave her some love if you haven't yet.

First Grade Blue Skies
Please leave me some comment love if you download the ladybug journal or even if you don't. I love comments. They brighten my day. They make this last day and half before spring break bearable. If you don't leave me a comment, you should at least check Jennifer out and leave here some love.

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  1. I'm on Spring Break, but I'm working in my classroom today (and blog stalking!!) and my computer at school won't let me download your ladybug journal, but I will as soon as I get home!! :)

    I already follower Jennifer and think she's great!

    Stop by my blog and visit sometime! Your Spring Break is almost here!! Hang in there! :)


  2. Aww, thank you! You are the sweetest!
    We saw the Wizard of Oz today and I didn't think my first graders were going to make it either! Thanks for the shout out!
    First Grade Blue Skies

  3. Thanks for the ladybug journal! It fits perfectly with my unit next week. Great timing and Happy Easter!

  4. Love the ladybug journal. I do not have ladybugs but we have some books. Thank You!

  5. Thanks for recognizing Jennifer - she is amazing at always leaving a comment. I often wonder how many of those "spam" checker words she really types in!
    -Leslie @KindergartenWorks

  6. Thank you for sharing. I will be taking it to my grade level to use when we study insects later on this month. Amy

  7. This is so cute! So glad I found your blog :)

  8. I am looking through peoples blogs and I came across this freebie, I really like this activity!! Thank you!