Monday, December 30, 2013

Resolutions links!

I have been working on my 13 in 13 post for a while now but I haven't gotten it finished. I will! I'm determined. But meanwhile I'm participating in the party over at A Peach for the Teach. I tried out a new app that hopefully I will blog about soon. I have been enjoying my break and doing nothing school related. But it's time this week to get some projects finished. That seems to be my downfall. I desperately need to get my fluency homework unit 2 completed. So hopefully with the aid of Netflix I can get some work done this week. So here are my resolutions for the upcoming year:
Be sure to head over to A Peach for the Teach and check out everyone else's resolutions.

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  1. Hi, Kerri! I love whole brain teaching, too! I could also get healthier! Thanks for linking up! I liked reading your resolutions. Happy New Year!