Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Cheer!

I'm a little late in posting all our Christmas fun but I took a bunch of pictures that I wanted to share.
This is our elf, Arthur! The kids and I had so much fun with him. I think he's cuter than the Elf on the Shelf but I might be biased!
This was my favorite antic he pulled. He brought us Wrapped Christmas books one day and our leader each day unwrapped one. We read Aliens Love Panta Claus and then the next day Arthur decorated the tree in underpants.
This was Chris and I's third Christmas together. I had a prelit tree I put up before we got together. Now we go get a real one and decorate it together!
Here are some of the centers we did the last few weeks of school. Some had a Gingerbread theme!
I love my sensory bin this month. It was all holiday and Christmassy!
For math we read a poem 5 little Ornaments! Then they wrote their own subtraction problem.
More of Arthur's antics. The Gingerbread man showed up and stole our cookies. We had to go search for them.
This is my sweet niece elfed! She came and stayed with Chris and I one night which was a lot of fun. I took this picture and then elfed it. I. I took my iPad to school and let all the kids elf a picture of themselves. We then made Christmas cards for their families!
Arthur wrapped our door for his last hurrah!
I made these goodies for our class party. It was the calmest party ever. My sister brought my niece and it was a lot of fun.
We had our first annual tacky sweater contest. I should have won but I wasn't in it since I organized and got the prizes.
These are all the presents under our tree! I enjoyed all the wrapping and buying this year.
We got my dad a skateboard and my niece got a tricycle. They were funny trying them out on Christmas Eve!
Here is my fruit tray I made for Chris's grandmother's house. I think this is my new job. I made a turkey at Thanksgiving so I was asked to make another.
My hubby bought me this beautiful buttery leather for Christmas! I've been wanting my very own Micheal Kors purse! I love love love it!
This was the pic we used for our Christmas card! I hope you and yours had a very  merry Christmas! I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams!
You might remember me posting about a student at my school who was diagnosed with brain cancer almost a year ago. His dad teaches with me. We'll he passes away early Christmas morning. My heart is so heavy for the family even though I know Regan is with Jesus and suffering no more. Please say a prayer for this family!

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