Friday, April 5, 2013

Oviparous Animal Activities Part 1

I'm finally back to blogging about something that has some substance or school related. Although I did have fun joining in the linky parties. It's been nice to have time to play on my computer and do some blogging and creating. Last week we worked on Oviparous Animals. (check out my peek at my week linky with my plans.) We had a snow day thrown in the week and a half day on Friday so I didn't quite get to everything I wanted to do. So we'll be continuing with Oviparous animals next week. I played around with Picasa yesterday and learned how to edit some of my pictures and to make collages of pictures. I'm excited about how easy it is to use.
On Monday I introduced what an oviparous animals was. When the kids came in the room, I had a chart up. It was egg shaped and just had the word oviparous on it. The students completed an anticipation guide (You can find that freebie on my peek at my week.) Then we read a book.

After reading Chickens Aren't the Only Ones (World of Nature Series)  we made a list of all the oviparous animals we had read about. I starred some of the ones we'd be talking about this week. Then later in the day we read this book An Egg Is Quiet.
I loved this book. It had the most beautiful illustrations and lots of information about eggs. After we read this book, the kids wrote their own sentence An egg is and then drew an egg with crayon. After they had drawn with crayon, they water colored the egg. They turned out so well. 

Tuesday was our snow day but the plan was to learn about chickens. So this was moved to Wednesday. I'm annoyed with myself because I didn't take a picture of our life cycles that we worked on. They were from Kaci Hoffer's Chicken Life Cycle Pack.

 We read a couple of books about chickens. 

From Egg to Chicken (How Living Things Grow)
Dora's Eggs

Then we made a class life cycle and the kids were able to make their own life cycle. Kaci has a different ones to choose from. 

On Thursday it was all about Sea Turtles. This was one of my favorite animals to talk about. I was lucky enough to see them in Hawaii and I've been hooked on them since. 

One Tiny Turtle: Read and Wonder
We read this book. It was a great story and had lots of facts in it. After I read the book, I passed out a nonfiction passage about sea turtles I had gotten from Stephanie at Fallin in First (the link for this can be found in my visual plans.) The kids partner read the passage after we talked about the vocabulary words. Then they picked 3 facts and wrote sentences on the back. Then they made their sea turtle and wrote one fact on the back. They turned out really cute. Stephanie includes templates for the craftivity but I don't really use templates. I have the students use shapes to make their projects. 
So that's what we did the week before spring break for oviparous animals. When we get back next week, we're going to finish up the unit. We'll be talking about frogs, insects, and sea animals. I've really enjoyed this unit and I think the kids have too. I hope to be back with some visual plans this weekend. I'm hoping to do a little more than just my reading plans. 
Yesterday I worked on Spring has Sprung Math Workstations Activities. You can check it out on TPT here.
I can't wait to get this printed out and ready to go for my kids to use the next few weeks. I've gotten behind in my math workstations.
I also updated my Spring is in the Air: write the room activities. If you purchased it already, you need to go re download it. I added 3 more write the room activities. Check it out here.  This is on my kids favorite word work activities. 
I hope if you're at school today that you have a great Friday. It's my last day of Spring break and I plan on doing not much of anything. I would love to hear from you especially if you use any of these ideas for oviparous animals. 


  1. What a great unit to do with children. My class this year loves animals. I never thought to do oviparous ones. Guess I will need to begin gathering books. Thanks for sharing :) Oh and I noticed that you live in the Smoky Mountains, that was one of my all time favorite vacations. Have you been to Max's Patch. I think it has one of the most beautiful views!
    First Grade Carousel

  2. I can't wait to see pictures!!! I'm sure they are precious!! :)