Friday, September 14, 2012

Math Workstations

So I spent some time this afternoon getting my math workstations set up so we're ready to go on Monday. I'm pretty excited to get this started. I've pre taught almost everything I want them to do. There will be a couple of things I need to go over with them and we need to discuss management. But I think this is going to be great. Here's my list of math workstations I have set up:
1. computer
2. Ipod
3. games
4. Graphing
5. Games
6. Ipod
7. Problem Solving
8. Exploration
I don't have a lot of wall space or board space to display a management board so I plan to use my promethean board to keep track of who goes where. Here's a picture of what that looks like:
I only plan to have them go to one workstation a day for right now. I can move the black rectangles with their names on them each day to show what station they go to.
Here are the ipods. They have a couple of different math games. There is Bugs and Buttons which is good, a math bingo and rocket math. They can choose to play one of those games.
This is the graphing center right now. This activity came straight from Debbie Diller's book. It is called grab and graph objects. I have put a variety of halloween erasers in the bag. They take a handful out and graph them. Then they have some math talk cards to answer questions about the graph that they made.

This is how I have my games stored. There is a different game for each drawer. These are all games that we have played in class already. There will be 2 sets of partners at this station so there are mulitple copies of the games in each drawer. This is the center with the most choice right now.
 This is the problem solving. For right now, students are working on finding ways to make 10. I have a sheet for them to record their findings and 10 counters. I also think I might add some unifix cubes to give them something else to work with.
 This is exploration. They  have a geoboard each and in the purple folder there are different designs for them to make on the geoboard.
I didn't take a picture of the computer because I didn't' see the point. But I'm going to have them play math games at for right now. Eventually I'll add some activities from our math series and other things.
I have partnered the children up with someone who has similar math abilities. I want to be able to pull kids to work on things with them so I thought that would work best. My long term goals with math work stations is to be able to differentiate more and to be able to give them more choice. But I think this will be a good place to start.
Do you use math workstations in you class? How is it going? How do you have it organized?
I'm pretty excited I blogged two days in a row. Right now I guess my goal is to blog at least twice a week. I will hopefully get back up to 4 times a week soon. But my life is too crazy and I no longer have internet at home. Anyway, hope you had a marvelous Friday. I'm so glad it's the weekend. We had early dismissal today due to a rod run in town and the amount of traffic that causes. So I'm all ready for the next week at 4 pm in the afternoon instead of after 5.

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